Friday, July 01, 2016

My plans for making videos on YouTube

Someday, whenever I get a professional knack for making ad revenue-generating YouTube videos, I plan on making some series that could be funny or informative, or just plain interesting. Some ideas are:

  • Making a virtual choir of virtual characters all wearing HeadCrab helmets (the parasitic creatures from the Half-Life series of games) placing their hands at the bottom of their headcrabs, while dancing to any song I decide to have them dance to.
  • Sitting and Smiling for 4 minutes (a parody of Benjamin Bennett's Sitting and Smiling series that takes 4 hours per video.) Unlike Benjamin, who sits perfectly still, while blinking, I would make comments like "Ah, this itches," etc. while taking care of an itch, readjusting my collar, and other small moves that would make me a funny parody of the 4-hour sitter and smiler.

Friday, June 10, 2016

My planned parodies (as the "Son of W.A.Y.")

I have had some ideas for song parodies and aspire to publish them like Weird Al someday, albeit probably on a smaller scale than him.

Regardless of their successes, I hope they're at least just successful enough to make me financially independent and live comfortably between jobs.

As more parody ideas come to mind, I will add more here.

I will only place 10 songs to a CD, and up to 50 to a DVD.
  • Stockin' Yogurt
    • Parody of "Rockin' Robin" by The Jackson 5 (with a young Michael Jackson)
    • This is the Karaoke version of "Rockin' Robin"
    • Music video must show a supermarket employee stocking shelves with any brand of yogurt. The rhythm of his arm while putting away the yogurt, rotating them (by expiration date) and etc. MUST match the music. Later on, facial expression and body language must be indicitive of the tedious, monotonous nature of that low-wage job. Eventually the employee must appear to ponder what the hell he's doing with his life, and what better jobs he could work instead.
  • Go Take Care of the Butter
    • Parody of a tune heard in some 1969 Dodge Charger commercials.
    • That tune is actually based on "Do You Know The Way To San Jose?"
    • This is another instrumental for DYKTWTSJ.
    • Based on a true story, the music video should show a middle school-aged couple going past a supermarket employee while boyfriend pushes the cart girlfriend is riding in! Manager tells her to stop riding cart; she gets off. (That order may be part of the song.) Then employee asks manager in astonishment (perhaps while singing) how often this happens, and whether there's a truancy rule about kids being here without parents during school hours. Manager answers briefly, then tells employee to Go Take Care of the Butter. Then scene cuts to stocker dealing with lots of butter, which is on sale that day. (If the dialogues can't be made so they sing it to each other, an unseen voice can sing the relevant lyrics during that time, while their dialogue goes unheard - mouths moving while we don't hear what they say.)
  • Stop Tickling My Feet
  • You Were Being Such An Idiot (So I Stomped On Your Hand)
  • He's A Future Dead Man
    • Parody of a tune that Dory Deines (class of 2004) played solo on a trombone(?) at a Chapman High School concert
    • Music video must show males who are unmistakably senior citizens, past retirement age. Some may be seen in nursing homes or senior-citizen hangout centers.
  • Let's Part Ways
    • Parody of the same tune that Dory Deines played
    • In a music video, a supermarket worker gets brought into the store office by one of the managers, who sits him down with another manager, telling him that they must part ways. Spoken dialogue, if any, MUST only be heard during the instrumental, unsung parts of the video, or before and after the song plays. Possibly the spoken dialogue between employee and manager(s) could be sung as part of the music video's music.
  • What Does Death Feel Like?
    • Parody of "I Want It That Way" by The Backstreet Boys
    • Music video may show emo goths who cut themselves and pass out for a time, then after getting revived, relate their experience by singing some or all of the lyrics.
  • Goin' In The Wrong Place
    • Parody of "Breakdown" by The Veggie Tales / Reliant K
    • The music video must take place in either a college dorm or fraternity.
  • But Will You Stop Tickling My Feet? (Tickling Sandals)
  • He's a NEAR-Future Dead Man
    • Parody of a tune in a 1986 R.L. Dukes Oldsmobile commercial
    • Music video must show an elderly male who is apparently near-death (so not as healthy-looking as ordinary male senior citizens.) Example: Well over 300 lbs, gets around in a Hoveround wheelchair, and clearly past retirement age.
  • Your Financial Aid's Been Denied
    • Parody of "Bonnie Blue Flag," a Civil War tune played and sung by the Confederate side
    • BBF is over 150 years old, so the parody must be played with modern instrumentation.
    • A music video must show a student (or actor / actress / singer dressed as one) in the financial aid office of a college, while being confronted by a Financial Aid Director informing them that their financial aid has been denied. Relevantly appropriate body language and facial expressions must follow.
  • On Point (While Leasing A Truck)
    • Parody of "Convoy," a trucking folk song by C.W. McCall
    • Music video should show the new driver signing a contract in an office of what is CLEARLY a truck leasing company. Cut to a scene where he at first gets comfortably settled into his new truck, admiring the digs inside the cab, then gets his first load assignment. Another scene, he shows apprehension when looking at his pay deposit, which isn't as high as he'd hoped, because all leasing and operating expenses ate up so much of the income, then cut to a driving scene where he looks and feels anxious because he can't use up too much fuel, so he needs to figure out how to hypermile his truck. In a later scene, his truck suffers mechanical problems and when he's faced with the bill to restore the truck to prime operating condition, he has a hard time coming to terms with those expenses, as he has to pay a good portion of his own money towards it. Later scene, tax time comes, and he can't come to grips with the crippling taxes that break him, making him decide to quit the truck leasing gig; his facial expression and body language shows clear exasperation at the failure of this gig when he parks the truck near the leasing office, and SLAMS his keys onto the desk of the one who cancels his contract. One of the final scenes shows him opting to be a company driver, and feeling visibly happier at his new gig where he has a better income thanks to not having to deal with all the leasing fees and fuel costs.
  • Twitter
    • Parody of "Thriller" by Michael Jackson
    • A music video MUST show a user (perhaps also the singer) on a computer, smartphone, tablet, watchphone, or a future uninvented web-connected device CLEARLY using Twitter - sending Tweets, reading them, reading profiles (perhaps of celebrities) or all actions mentioned.
    • The instrumentation must remove all the creepy, Halloween-y elements of the original song, as "Twitter" is not meant to have a Halloween theme. Perhaps the instrumentation could instead be modernized to sound like it comes from the year of the parody's recording.
  • Are You Just Now Figuring Out That I'm An A-Hole? (The Ballad of Tyler Brown)
    • Parody of "Bonnie Blue Flag," a Civil War tune played and sung by the Confederate side (as parodied in "Your Financial Aid's Been Denied")
    • BBF was made in the 1860s, so the parody requires modern instrumentation
    • Music video must show a lookalike of Tyler Brown (apparently high school-aged) in and out of a pizza parlor interacting with co-workers, managers and customers, as well as customers on the phone
  • Don't Even Tickle My Shoes
  • Go Back Inside
    • Parody of "Mahna Mahna," a nonsense song sung by a Muppet
    • In a music video, a lookalike of John Spears (apparently a college-aged alpha-male) must point the protagonist back to the door from where he came. 
  • Dead Hard Drive
  • We Need You
    • Parody of "Eye Of The Tiger" by Survivor
    • Music video shows a supermarket employee calling in sick to his manager and singing the lyrics over the phone. The bald, Hispanic manager in his 40s (based on a true story) sings back to the employee from the other side of the call.
  • Do You Have A Laser Pointer On You?
    • Parody of "Genie in a Bottle" by Christina Aguilera
    • Music video shows a male college freshman must be seen shining lasers from a hallway window of a residence hall, through the windows of another residence hall across the way (can be across the street, a park, a tennis court; any residence hall that faces another up to a 5-minute walk away. Scene cuts to a female reporting to her RA about lasers being shone into her room, and the RA calling the residence hall the laser is coming from. The next scene shows a male RA comes across the laser-shining student while he's doing something else, and asks him whether he has a laser pointer on him.
  • The Chevy Chevette Can Only Get You 40,000 Miles
    • Parody of "Thanks for the Buggy Ride" by Frank Crumit
    • TftBR was published in 1926, so the parody needs modern instrumentation
    • Music video should show someone driving a Chevrolet Chevette (of any model-year) and showing facial signs of frustration when the car doesn't perform like it needs to. Later on, something goes wrong with the engine so the car pulls over, and the frustrated driver checks above and under the hood. UNDECIDED AS OF YET: Driver may also sing some or all of the lyrics.
  • What Did Guy Fawkes Say?
    • Parody of "The Fox / What Does The Fox Say?" by Ylvis
    • (Preferably sung by a British ensemble, as Guy Fawkes is a significant British historical figure)
    • Music video should show a montage of all sorts of paintings, statues and other depictions of Guy Fawkes, including that of his effigies being burned in straw piles every November 5th.
    • The song could also have educational value, and be shown in history classes at any school anywhere.
  • Omegle
    • Parody of "As The Deer," an old Sunday School hymn
    • Music video should show users using the Omegle online random chat service (some parts of the vid text-chatting, others video-chatting. Video chatters from the other end of the chat should be seen singing some of the lyrics.)
  • Wolfram Alpha
    • Parody of "God Bless Texas" by Brady Seals / Little Texas
    • Music video should show various users of Wolfram Alpha perusing the site for various purposes - whether to win a bet about a dubious-sounding fact, satisfy a casual curiosity, or help them get their homework or research paper done.
  • The Breaststrokes (A Tale of Michael Phelps)
    • Parody of the "Diff'rent Strokes Theme" by Alan Thicke, Al Burton and Gloria Long
    • A music video must show a montage of video footage of Michael Phelps - swimming during competitions, getting interviews, cheering at his wins, holding up prizes, and anything to do with him and his legendary swimming achievements.
  • The Tale of Wendy Chong
    • Parody of "Give Thanks (With a Grateful Heart)," a contemporary hymn
    • Music video must show a montage of videos that Wendy Chong appears in - a noodle commercial at age 4-5, various scenes of Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show, and a different show showing her in an episode aired in 1989 as a character named Lea Chen, the last time (recorded by IMDB) that she appeared in the show business. The montage can also include still pictures, including that of her in adulthood in the last quarter of the song.
  • There Is Just No Money (The Ballad of East St. Louis)
    • Parody of "Crazy 'Bout An Automobile" by Ry Cooder
    • Music video should be a montage of pictures and videos of East St. Louis - a few landmarks, but mostly the deteriorating condition of the city - distressed, abandoned buildings, leaking water / sewage pipes and/or broken streets, crime scene footage, and anything to indicate the run-down condition of the cash-strapped town on the wrong side of the Mississippi.
  • Jelly Bean (Too Many Sweets Aren't Good For You)
    • Parody of "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson
    • Music video must show a child overindulging in too much candy, with jelly beans being the most conspicuous and prominent. Years pass, and the teenager shows signs of distressed teeth. He's also getting obese thanks to the sweets' excess calories and fat taken in over the years. Some peers may exclude him from their cliques (not make him fit in) because of his constitution and dental appearance. He realizes the error of his ways, and starts healthier snacking habits. By the time he's in college, he loses weight and shows better teeth.
    • This song will also be endorsed as a public service announcement by dental and/or health organizations to only indulge moderately and keep taking good care of our teeth.
  • Now Use the Silver Knork
    • Parody of "Look Out For Mr. Stork," the opening theme for "Dumbo," a 1941 Disney film
    • As the original tune was composed by 1941, the parody must have modern instrumentation
    • The music video must show footage (video or still) of the Knork factory in Newton, KS. Also, pictures of the knork utensil itself. Cut to a user eating with the combined knife-fork utensil.
    • Preferably sung by a choral ensemble of 3, 4 or more. 

Friday, July 03, 2015

I pondered and introspected - I think God put these events in motion to make me a better writer.

After quite some time, the blog is back up and running. I realized that in order to release the pent-up frustrations of various life misfortunes, I must write about them. Not writing about these hurtful thoughts and memories is like not releasing the steam while it builds, and I cannot bear the pain of the increasing pressure.

Every day of my life since the betrayals of 2007, I have thought of how to clean up the mess and fix the breakage in positive relations with "Jeanessa DeSpatznio" (neé "Ryndella.") I need her to know that I had a form of Autism - Asperger's Syndrome. She very likely never realized this, otherwise she wouldn't have betrayed me like she did.

All this, from a fear of her parents. I didn't understand why she and her parents pulled up right behind me in Sam's Club at the checkout counter while with my parents. Years later, I realize a possibility - that they had intended to give me a friendly greeting and catch up on life. I was more pessimistic back in those days.

When I thought it over, I realized that if they still held some resentment towards me due to my teenaged, Autistic immaturities from 2002, they'd have never gone up to me at the checkout counter of Sam's Club, on the afternoon of March 22, 2007. Why couldn't I think this over then? I was youthfully pessimistically naïve back then.

Somehow, assuming the worst became a part of my younger years, because the worst appeared to come more often than the best while in my childhood and adolescence.

I must work to improve and fix numerous lives in my careers and off-times. In my off-times, I hope to improve the lives of anyone I've wronged through my younger years' immaturities by making amends with them, all the way to the point that forgiveness (in some cases, exoneration) and reconciliation is reached. When signs manifest themselves that we're on good terms again, I know my work is done.

This is one (the first) of an indeterminate number of installments about the "Jeanessa DeSpatznio" story. I hope these entries will eventually provide all the insight, resources and social know-how needed to reconcile with "Jeanessa," her husband "Salco" and her little sister "Janine Ryndella."

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Three things I am thankful for - 12-3-2013

At a loved one's behest, I need to write three things I'm thankful for, and ought to do this every day.

1. I am thankful that I am still pursuing an education and am in the midst of gaining a qualification in a sector of industry that has posted consistent growth despite the economy: Wind Energy.

2. I am thankful that I do not have to commute long distances to get to daily commitments.

3. Also that I have not even a misdemeanor on a criminal record.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Three things I am thankful for - 12-2-2013

At a loved one's behest, I need to write three things I'm thankful for, and ought to do this every day.

1. I am thankful for having a religion to anchor my life, where so much righteousness is taught.

2. I have the Internet in the first place, with reasonable speeds. The Internet would be seen as a luxury in many parts of civilization.

3. I have been blessed with so many games, I haven't even opened some of their cases. Amidst the many things I have to learn in life, I hope the games teach me some valuable lessons too somehow, in order to teach me how to do better in life in some way.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Three things I am thankful for - 12-1-2013

At a loved one's behest, I need to write three things I'm thankful for, and ought to do this every day.

1. I am grateful that I have a knowledge-gaining hobby as an "addiction." Instead of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or other destructive vices, I have reading the Internet, from where I gain knowledge every day.

2. Though I was not born in Norway, at least I was not born in Ethiopia or North Korea. Where I was born puts me in a better position in life than most of the world.

3. I am still practicing in the play "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus" which I joined in order to face my fears and practice for a future filming act. I could've been cut, or decided not to continue practicing for the play, but decided to keep sticking it out to the end.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Three things I am thankful for - 11-30-2013

At a loved one's behest, I need to write three things I'm thankful for, and ought to do this every day.

1. I was not born at an earlier time, when for many intents and purposes, life would've been harder for most any person.

2. Even though I have had near-misses, I survived childhood illnesses. The closest near-miss must've been in the summer between 3rd and 4th grade, when my asthma was so acute that I had breathed by a hairbreadth. Dad woke me up at 1:45 one morning and took me to the hospital for a breathing treatment.

3. I still have access to plenty of meals. Though I have various needs, at least the most basic needs are met.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Three things I'm thankful for - 11-29-2013

At the behest of a loved one, I need to write three things I'm thankful for, and I ought to do this every day.

1. I still have a working vehicle; evidently only 8% of the world has their own vehicle.

2. I have a roof over my head where I can rest warmly and recuperate from the days' stresses. There is no telling how many % of the world is homeless. Also, no telling how many % of the world lives in a dwelling that normal Americans wouldn't use for a toolshed.

3. I still have a family within reasonable distance from me. I can still visit on holidays. There's talk of them moving to Korea sometime, after they get a bunch of loose ends tied up and tasks / projects finished, but at least they're still around for the meantime.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Dane Seare," a college instructor who imports his strictures from his K-12 teaching days...

Normally, I will not push back unless I am pushed hard enough. If any authority figure commits unreasonable acts of discipline or any other nature, I may speak up about it especially if those tendencies are kept up.

One time, I had considered going to the bathroom. I opened the west classroom door and decided to let it wait after all, so I closed it and went back to my seat. This was when other students were just coming back from waiting around in the hall after we turned our tests in. "Dane" disappeared for a minute or two to fetch something from down the hall, and I was seated when he returned. 

See, since he told me that I'd lose points for going to the restroom, I decided to just stay at the west door for maybe half a minute while I thought over the situation. I didn't want the students to see that I was the last to turn my test in (I think problems over carefully) so I pretended to come back in at the same time as the others by closing the west classroom door when I saw the others coming back in through the east door. "Dane" wasn't in the room when I did this.

Later on, I saw that my attendance grade was reduced by two percentage points. The "CANVAS" educational management system (an online portion of my classes) does not have a line-by-line remark of each days' attendance and participation. If it showed "10-8-2013 - 5/10 participation points - Reason: Unauthorized exit during class time," then I wouldn't have to inquire; I'd get straight to some points.

"Dane" claimed that I left because I told him I was about to use the restroom (though decided against it at the last second.) He left for a couple minutes - the same time that he claimed that I left the classroom. I never did, but there is no evidence to prove either of us right.

"Dane" used to teach middle and high school science classes. Plenty of teachers from there will have this tenacious "Teachers Are ALWAYS Right" mindset even though we are all fallible beings. This tenacity, even when situations are ambiguous or are different from what the teachers perceive, will cause undue stress for students at times, and sometimes for both parties. No teacher could possibly have the perfection only had by Christ himself that would make them right 100% of the time. It's majorly their being authority figures that make them not only have this mindset, but pull out so many stops to not be proven wrong.

There are no security cameras in the facility, which is an "extension" building of the college. If there had been security cameras out in the halls, their footage would have proven / disproven whether I had actually left the room at the time I was told not to. Because of the lack of evidence and no known provision for the burden of proof, "Dane" just decides to stick to his claim and probably because changing his claim could result in a "loss of face." Everyone's imperfect; instructors make mistakes, and the ideal kind of teacher would own up to any mistake on their part.

When a teacher owns up, I do not lose respect for them. Some teachers are fearful that students will, and that is understandable. I've had many kinds of fears. Everyone always has something about their maturity to improve on; owning up is a mature act.

Another issue is when someone's phone rang. I never knew who it was, but the ring came from within a 10-ft. radius of me. It is a common reflex action for students to press a button or two on the phones in their pockets to ensure it stays silent. I didn't bother to look around thoroughly to check who was doing just that; I had the lecture to focus on. I never tried to look at my phone's screen; I only pressed a button or two to make sure the phone wouldn't ring if I were to receive a call.

Even though I had already reduced the phone to vibrate before class, it's just a reflex to make sure nothing happens anyway. Sometimes, a body movement can bump a button to turn the ringer back on again, so one could never feel too safe. Pressing a quieting button and taking 1/2-second to do so is a far cry from pulling out the phone and using it through the screen.

First, he assumed the ringing was mine though I never heard the ringtone before; it just went off near me. Second, when I explained what I did to make sure my phone wouldn't make a noise right after someone else's did, he then changes the accusation to, "So you did mess with your phone." He clearly looked for something to use in order to save himself from being the one in the wrong, because he may treat it like a costly professional mistake to be in the wrong in an issue between the student and himself. (I know it wouldn't be; I've seen far more serious mistakes than this.)

The syllabus states unauthorized cellphone use would reduce participation points. Where does a reasonable line get drawn? How severe is it to leave the phone in the pocket while taking a half-second to press a button or two to make sure the ringer stays off? That's a courtesy to ensure any coming ring won't disrupt class. On the other hand, how does that compare to pulling the phone out to send text messages?

Also, say someone puts their hand in the same pocket as their phone just to retrieve a small lotion bottle or other pocket item that happens to occupy the same pocket as that phone? Is that grounds for deducting half of the participation points, just because their hands were in the phone's pocket, even though it had nothing to do with that phone? Someone could have an annoying leg itch and the itch cream could just happen to share the pocket with the phone. There is no misbehavior or disruption here.

Metaphorically speaking, these are eggshells that are thrown in front of our sidewalks, when the reasonable college instructor knows we won't need them thrown in front of us. In fact, this trying to tiptoe around eggshells could possibly be likened to sidestepping sand on a beach. In fact, I feel I'm getting singled out for mistreatment because if this kind of discipline happens to anyone else in the class, it's not happening often enough for me to notice.

There are TEvals (Teacher Evaluations) in various colleges; I hope this one has them too. It may have been "standard operating procedure" to throw eggshells in front of students' sidewalks back in the K-12 system, either because they needed it, or the teachers knew their students weren't going to speak up (as often or effectively; how often do K-12 students lodge a formal complaint about a teacher's treatment to the school board, principal or superintendent?) If there are no teacher evaluation forms that students fill out at this college, then I will push for TEvals to get started here!

I have been pushed around by many hardballing authority figures in my life. I have gotten so jaded from being played hardball that I will "push back" / take action more than I used to. Some students may assume "that's just the way it is / has been" but I know that injustices cannot reign for long; somebody MUST take a stand and bring forth more reasonable class policies for our benefit and reduction of undue stress. Whereas many students are afraid to do the following, I will escalate these kinds of issues to a supervisor, or a chain of supervisors if necessary.

I wonder why I didn't discover blogging when educational injustices started to grind on me. Blogging wasn't always common, but was out there in one form or another. Twitter didn't come on the scene until comparatively late. Had Twitter come along sooner and I had been made aware of blogging earlier in life, I would have taken a stand and spoken out against unreasonable teacher and administrator actions. Others could call it "airing dirty laundry" but changes and improvements will not happen if no one takes a stand and speaks out. Nothing would pave the way for more reasonable policies and actions to replace undue strictures on students.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chat with an Afghan on Chatroulette

Sat Jun 29 21:53:04 GMT-0500 2013

Connected to somebody.

Bio: Al Pacino

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Location: Afghanistan

Languages: Pashto, Farsi, Dari, Urdu, Hindi, English

Egao No Genki: Baghram Air Base?
Egao No Genki: Camp Leatherneck?
Aziz: ahahh
Aziz: Kabul
Egao No Genki: So you're at a NATO compound?
Aziz: no
Aziz: am in a telecom company
Egao No Genki: So you're a native afghani? Not a soldier?
Aziz: yes
Aziz: am Afghan
Egao No Genki: Well, the NATO/ISAF coalition is making your country better to live in, right?
Aziz: no
Aziz: they are fucking thierselves and fucking afghanistan
Egao No Genki: They're not building roads? Schools?
Aziz: nothing
Aziz: only Afghan doing it
Aziz: not USA
Egao No Genki: But USA is giving the money to do it right?
Aziz: its a same story as russia was here
Aziz: even russia was good
Aziz: they were doing things
Egao No Genki: Wow, Afghanistan is called the "graveyard of empires." Russia disintegrated into 15 pieces two years after they left Afghanistan.
Aziz: but USA cant come out from thier caves
Aziz: only inside bas
Egao No Genki: We're leaving in 2014, so do you suppose in 2016 the United States will be no more?
Aziz: not no more
Aziz: but will be in bad condition
Egao No Genki: And after we leave, what'll happen to Afghanistan?
Egao No Genki: I guess the US already is getting there with such heavy national debts.
Aziz: again Afghanistan will become as russia was out for some years
Aziz: civil war
Egao No Genki: Another civil war?
Aziz: now USA has stand us where we dont want they go out also they dont be here
Egao No Genki: Wow, we went after Bin Laden, but still couldn't find Mullah Omar.
Aziz: yes for sure another one
Aziz: yes
Aziz: and never will
Egao No Genki: Why is Mullah Omar harder to find than Bin Laden?
Aziz: actually Bin laden was killed by his own guard back in 2003
Aziz: it was just a story
Egao No Genki: So what'd we kill instead on May 1st?
Aziz: coz Al Qaida is mad of USA
Egao No Genki: I saw a picture of the helicopter wreckage.
Aziz: that was all lie
Egao No Genki: The photos and videos of the helicopter wreckage looked pretty convincing.
Aziz: i have a video in which Banzir Batho said this
Aziz: even she said the name of that guy
Egao No Genki: This one?
Aziz: there is no single Pic or video that USA can show the world they killed usama in Abbot Abad
Egao No Genki: The reason they say is because the death picture / video would rally al - qaeda / taliban to fight even harder against us.
Aziz: thats funny
Aziz: they say we kill
Aziz: and they dont show any avadince
Aziz: i was sure when they said we killed Osama that Al qaida is still working for USA
Aziz: coz no reaction
Egao No Genki: Why would Al Qaeda work for the USA?
Egao No Genki: And who flew the planes in the towers then?
Aziz: soon the named thier 2nd head
Aziz: for the USA wells
Aziz: if Al qaida was not there then USA had no excuse to invad in Afghanistan
Aziz: USA thought Pakistan is our friend
Aziz: they wanted to come to Afghanistan
Aziz: and they will use there army and Afghan againset Iran
Aziz: coz from one side they already had Iraq
Egao No Genki: Wow...
Aziz: but Pakistan dubble crozz them
Egao No Genki: So we came here to finish off Iran?
Aziz: and also they hit Pashtoons here who were the enamy of Iran
Aziz: and gieven hand to persians of Afghanistan they are friends with Iran
Aziz: no USA is stucked
Aziz: they now thinking how to scape
Aziz: yes
Aziz: sure the target was Iran
Aziz: coz the only country who can speak with USA load
Aziz: Afghanistan was like a dead body
Aziz: had nothing
Aziz: the target was not Afghanistan
Aziz: they only needed a place near Iran
Aziz: but Pakistan fuck every thing
Aziz: u can find a video where USA inteligence self says all
Aziz: how they made USA fool
Aziz: and get alot money
Egao No Genki: I guess I could.
Egao No Genki: You ever speak to American soldiers through Chatroulette?
Aziz: no
Aziz: i had some friend
Aziz: and i have
Aziz: u know
Egao No Genki: But I guess you've had dealings with them in real life?
Aziz: here is tribe war now
Aziz: some how i do
Aziz: i really feel sorry for thier wrong thoughts
Aziz: and bad moves
Aziz: coz they dont know who is friend who is their enamy
Egao No Genki: I feel sorry for the wrong actions too.
Egao No Genki: Well it was good meeting you Aziz. Not often that I get to speak to an Afghani.
Aziz: Afgani is our currancy
Aziz: say Afghan
Aziz: see this video
Egao No Genki: Oh, the people are Afghan, not Afghani. (Even though Pakistan's people are Pakistani.)
Aziz: no ahahah
Egao No Genki: That's a long film but I'll try to sometime soon.
Aziz: yes
Aziz: you know
Aziz: i had one
Aziz: that was great
Aziz: so ?
Aziz: u going?
Egao No Genki: I'll be moving along. Hope you stay safe!