Sunday, February 07, 2021

My Physiology Log & Journal for Interpersonal Communication - February 7

 Instructor: Rachel Santine

Interpersonal Communication

Hutchinson Community College

Spring 2021

 This journal entry has been copy/pasted from my assignment document.


4:08 PM - I sleep into the afternoon these days because I don’t have a lot of structure in my life.

I like to sleep for as long as it makes me comfortable,

so since I slept through to around 3:30 this afternoon, I feel pretty swell now.

The freezing temperatures froze the water bottle in the left dash cupholder.

Therefore, I can’t pull the bottle out of the cupholder now,

but hopefully when I dash for the next several hours this evening,

the heater will thaw the water and let me pull it out of there again.

I decide not to use gloves because I don’t go outside for a long enough time to need them.

I stay indoors much of the time.

The cold was a little biting, and made my nose a little runny.

Oh well, at least I was only outside for 2 minutes then went to Rimmer to finish this journal,

so I’m relieved that I’m now out of the cold.

FYI: I don’t turn on the heat at home because I can just let the other apartments’ heat radiate into mine.

That’s why my apartment’s temperature never falls below the upper 50s.

Saves quite a bit of money that way.

At least I’ll not be back home for a while, so I’ll get to enjoy the heat at Rimmer, and my SUV;

what a relief to look forward to.

4:40 PM - My journal is now complete, now that I’ve made a graph by hand.

I don’t think I’ll be able to plot them on a computer at the present time.

I hope Rachel would please show me examples of other students’ graphs,

so that I can look upon them as an example and template for how they ought to be done.

I’m not sure that I did my graph right,

and hopefully the times that she had us write these journals were just suggestions,

as I don’t get up at the same time as most other students.

So I feel better that these journals and graphs are done. 

I’m looking forward to making bank while dashing this evening,

because the Super Bowl is making me and other dashers expect to have a ton of business.

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