Saturday, February 06, 2021

My Physiology Log & Journal for Interpersonal Communication - February 6

 Instructor: Rachel Santine

Interpersonal Communication

Hutchinson Community College

Spring 2021

 This journal entry has been copy/pasted from my assignment document.


4:56 PM - I'm waiting in eager anticipation for the meal at the soup kitchen.

As long as it's not taco salad, I'll take two containers.

If it's taco salad, I'll only take one.

It's not as appetizing as, say, beef noodles.

I'll eat these meals on the go in between deliveries while dashing.

9:47 PM - I'm waiting at a Taco Bell drive thru to pick up 2 customers' orders.

I feel slightly suffocative due to the exhaust fumes of the car ahead of me.

It makes me worried that I'll not get my food in time before it's considered "late."

Also, my brain cells might be getting killed due to the fumes.

It's too cold outside, but too hot inside,

so I'm waiting in my Lexus with the window rolled down and the heater running.

If I don't get help tomorrow at Rimmer on how to make a graph,

I guess I'll draw one with a graphing markerboard from the math lab.

Then I'll take a picture of it when it's done and send that to Rachel along with the journal.

10:39 PM - I'm waiting in another line in the McDonald's drive-thru this time,

feeling kinda the same as I did at Taco Bell.

I just hope the wind doesn't blow the exhaust of the Chevy Silverado ahead of me, towards me.

I wonder how people coped with each other's car exhausts back when drive-thrus were new in the 40s,

before all those emission regulations. It must've been so much harder to breathe back in those days! 

In the meanwhile, I'm listening to silly music to lift my spirits. I don't think I should name it at this time.

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