Friday, February 05, 2021

My Physiology Log & Journal for Interpersonal Communication - February 5

 Instructor: Rachel Santine

Interpersonal Communication

Hutchinson Community College

Spring 2021

 This journal entry has been copy/pasted from my assignment document.


7:35 PM - I am now waiting at Little Caesar's on 30th street to pick up an order through DoorDash,

while I'm on my evening shift.

I feel like my impatience is slowly growing because they're taking their sweet time getting my customer's order ready. 

Oh, it was already ready and waiting in the warmer.

Better get it now and hurry to the customer's address.

8 PM - I feel glad because I finally found the customer's house and dropped off the goods,

and I'm now getting paid decent for it.

Took me long enough as the address wasn't straightforward but I got directions via text message and made it there.

10:40 PM - I'm feeling a little tired and content that I made it past my goal of $80 today.

If there are no new delivery orders coming to my Dasher app by 10:45, I'm going home.

It's getting slower this time of the night.

I hope I can get Rachel, my instructor, to show me a "template" of the ideal journal that meets all her parameters.

A journal from the previous semester that earned an "A" might be a great example of such a template.

That way, I'll no longer feel lost and will hopefully figure out how to do the journal correctly.

I need to feel like I know what I'm doing so if she could please get me a template example,

that would be best and ideal.

10:46 PM - I got an $8 order to pick up at McDonald's minutes ago.

I decided this was worthwhile to accept.

Now I'm at a drive-thru line and it's pretty long.

I feel unsure about how long the line will take to move far enough to get me to the window and pick up the order.

But at least I'll be $8 richer by the time I deliver it to my customer.

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