Monday, February 01, 2021

My Physiology Log & Journal for Interpersonal Communication - February 1

Instructor: Rachel Santine

Interpersonal Communication

Hutchinson Community College

Spring 2021

 This journal entry has been copy/pasted from my assignment document.


Mood is a predominant emotion or a conscious state of mind. (

Emotion is a state of a feeling, or a type of mental reaction. (

At 10 PM tonight,

I had recently wrapped up listening to my audio-textbook for Interpersonal Communication on the VitalSource Bookshelf.

I felt content that I was done, also a little relieved.

I still feel overwhelmed because I still have to do a journal that will be a project lasting the entire semester.

I’m not sure that I know how to make a graph on Google Docs, as our instructor asks us to make.

I’m going to need directions on that.

I would prefer it better if I’d get offered a set of substitutions I could choose from in place of a graph,

because I’m not sure I’d do well with the idea of just foregoing graphing entirely and therefore docking my journal grade.

My journal will need to be on Google Docs, on Google Drive,

therefore accessible from any computer or phone where I can log into my Google Drive.

Paper journals can get lost or destroyed, and I suffer writers’ cramps anyway;

I don’t like to write down anything by hand for long because of that.

A mood is a particular close range of similar emotions to one another.

Emotions are feelings of which there’s a wide range.

At 10:30 - I have by now delved deeper into this journal assignment and answered questions in the MOODS-Perc DOC 2.

Now I feel the slight need to relieve myself and thankfully,

the restroom is nearby to this computer station at the main floor of the Rimmer learning center.

I feel content still, that I’m making progress.

I had Asperger’s Syndrome while growing up, and got rediagnosed to Schizotypal Personality,

and Borderline Personality Disorder,

so I feel I still have vestiges of social skills deficits that I therefore enrolled in this class to take care of.

I feel like I often don’t feel empathy for others,

and I would like to feel it more often so I can relate better.

But I think my tendencies to feel sympathy are just fine.

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