Friday, February 21, 2020

Son of W.A.Y. parody: Packard's Warranty Repairs

  • Packard's Warranty Repairs
    • Contrafactum of "Queen of Hearts" by Juice Newton.
    • This parody is to be about the failed a car company that survived the Great Depression but couldn't update their cars and its features as fast as the market needed them to by the 50s.  By 1955, Packard was ~$30,000,000 in the red due to warranty repairs.
    • This tune was thought of when I watched a documentary about the Packard Motor Company and at the part where a narrator mentioned warranty repairs in 1955 putting Packard $30m in the red.
    • The instrumentation could be altered to sound like the stereotypical "'50s pop music" vibe. (Doo-wop, et al.)
  • Music video ideas
    • A montage of photos and videos of 1955 Packards and/or repairs being done on them are to be shown in the music vid.
  • Lyric ideas
    • (To be penned sometime.)

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