Sunday, February 28, 2021

My Interpersonal Communication Week 8 journal: Nonverbal communication (Chapter 7, Part 1)


Instructor: Rachel Santine

Interpersonal Communication

February 2021

Week 8 journal: Nonverbal communication (Chapter 7, Part 1)

I have learned that 93% of a job interview is non-verbal. That is why secretly recording the interview with my phone’s voice recording app while it’s in my pocket will not be entirely helpful when a job coach listens to the recorded interview to give feedback on my job performance. To surreptitiously film myself at an interview may require a miniature drone with a tiny video camera. The drone would have to be about the size of a house fly but have a long enough battery life and “know” how to follow me and stay on my side of the door at all times. Alas, I don’t think such a drone has been invented yet, but if it does come along some day, it could film from a bird’s-eye view, my interview performance. Employers can’t know about that kind of recording though.

As someone who grew up with an autism spectrum disorder (high-functioning, known as Asperger’s Syndrome), I often did not realize what non-verbal signals I was giving off, which is why so many people couldn’t understand me and therefore considered me a lost cause not worth having a friendship with. I think it would’ve been helpful to have some kind of “social coach” observe me and the ones I interact with so they could point out any nonverbal cues and etc. that I should have picked up but missed. It’s no wonder I’m still single today, and that’s why I hope for this class to improve my social performance.

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