Thursday, May 04, 2023

Template for "Son Of WAY contrafactum: (Contrafactum Title)"

* (Contrafactum title)

(Pictures 1-5; one per row)

** Contrafactum (idea # from the list on Reddit's r/Plans subreddit) of "(original song title)" by (original song artist).
** This contrafactum is (description of story that is to be told in the contrafactum song)
** (Reason why I thought up this contrafactum.)
** (Instrumentation notes - could be altered to sound contemporary to the time of the story, etc.)

* Videos of the original tune
** (YT link of the video that has sung lyrics)
** (YT link of the video that only plays the karaoke / instrumental version without sung lyrics, if available)

* Music video ideas
** (How the music vid should display itself)
** (How the music vid should display itself after budgets improve)

* Lyric ideas
** (Notes of ideas of what to put in the lyrics)

** (Lyrics go here. If none at this time, type (To be penned sometime.)
** (If generated by ChatGPT, give ChatGPT credit on the bottom.)

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