Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Son Of WAY contrafactum: That Is What People Sounded Like In 1983

 That Is What People Sounded Like In 1983

** Contrafactum #574 of "Virginia Company" by Alan Menken & Steven Schwartz.
** This contrafactum is about how people sounded when they talked, yelled or cheered back in 1983.
** When I was at the Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church in early 2003 in Junction City, KS, I heard a recording of Pastor Westberg preaching to a crowd in 1983. I was still a teen, so I asked a fellow church-goer immaturely, "That's what people sounded like in 1983?!" Then that church-going guy said "Uhh, yeah! That's what people sounded like in 1983!" At the same time, I thought of the "Virginia Company" song that was the theme of the beginning of Disney's "Pocahontas."
** Instrumentation notes - Have the instrumentation updated to sound like a song that was "made in 1983."

* Videos of the original tune
** YT link of the video that has sung lyrics: https://youtu.be/s0Sx6aMrBPQ
** YT link of the video that only plays the karaoke / instrumental version without sung lyrics: https://youtu.be/RBmME6dNiBo

* Music video ideas
** Show a montage of people talking, yelling and cheering in videos filmed in 1983.
** How the music vid should display itself after budgets improve: Show actors / actresses wearing 1983 fashion who talk, yell and cheer like it was 1983.

* Lyric ideas
** Notes of ideas of what to put in the lyrics: In place of "Virginia Company," all such occurrences should be replaced with "in 1983."

** (Lyrics go here. If none at this time, type (To be penned sometime.)
** (If generated by ChatGPT, give ChatGPT credit on the bottom.)

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