Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Son Of WAY contrafactum #576: Wrinkled District Attorney

 * #576: Wrinkled District Attorney

** Contrafactum #576 of "Simple Things" by Randy Travis (sung by Mr. Huynh on Hey Arnold!).
** This contrafactum is about the wrinkled female district attorney from Tenaha, Texas who had something to do with the unlawful cash seizures and other asset forfeitures during routine traffic stops in and through Tenaha, Texas years ago.
** CNN did an Expose on the cash seizures at the Tenaha, Texas traffic stops and tried to speak to a district attorney from there who sang Country music. The country music song she sang seemed kinda like "Simple Things" sung by Mr. Huynh on Hey Arnold!.
** Instrumentation of this song must "sound Texan."

* Videos of the original tune
** https://youtu.be/9EAhpOwzXCs?si=4Q5zclBd2G9BZF-O

* Music video ideas
** Show a slideshow of wrinkled female district attorneys. If they wear Texan garb, like a cowgirl hat for example, that would be a plus.

* Lyric ideas
** All occurrences of "simple things" must be replaced with "district attorney."

** (To be penned sometime.)

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