Monday, March 08, 2021

My Interpersonal Communication Journal for Week 9: Listening (Chapter 8)


Instructor: Rachel Santine

Interpersonal Communication

March 2021

Journal for Week 9: Listening (Chapter 8)

I have struggles with listening -

I can’t stop thinking random thoughts when I’m supposed to tune into somebody talking or a video I’m watching. 

When I try to learn and absorb from a video,

I try to multitask in hopes that practicing multitasking will help me get better at it.

Therefore, I play app games on my phone (with the volume down)

at the same time that I try to listen to a video.

Results are mixed - it depends on the video’s content and how interested I am in it.

I wish my mind wouldn’t wander while I didn’t multitask listening with something else.

I’ve learned from a dating coach is that what women like is for men to listen to them,

whether on a date, or during a normal conversation.

That is why on the next date I go on, I must try harder to not let my mind wander,

therefore to tune in to whatever she’s talking about,

and respond in ways indicating that I have listened and absorbed to all that I needed to.

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