Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Son of W.A.Y. parody: We're Looking For Universal People

  • We're Looking For Universal People
    • Contrafactum of "Party In The USA" by Miley Cyrus
    • This contrafactum is to be about the type of people AutoZone (and maybe other employers) are looking for - people to fill multiple positions per person, therefore are "universal."
    • This tune was thought of when I was at an interview at AutoZone in February 2019 for what I thought was a parts delivery driver position. I was misinformed by someone at the Kansas Workforce Center on the campus of Hutchinson Community College that as a delivery driver, I didn't need to know about cars because all I'd do is deliver parts from one store to another, or from the store to repair shops. Evidently I had to also know how to be a customer service worker / cashier / etc. who knew a lot about the mechanical aspects of cars. I knew, in reality, next to nothing about the mechanical aspects of vehicles.
    • 6 Things To Remember For The ‘Universal’ People Out There - Thought Catalog
    • Auto Parts Delivery Driver (Part-Time) - Careers.AutoZone.com
  • Music video ideas
    • A montage of photos and videos of people being "universal" in some way or another is to be shown in the music vid.
    • Possibly a montage of Auto Zone delivery drivers / employees doing their thing is to be shown as well.
  • Lyric ideas
    • Replace "jumped in the cab, here I am for the first time" with "We're looking for universal people."
    • (To be penned sometime.)

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