Sunday, December 14, 2008

The tombs look so "Egyptian" (Personal Gaming Entry)

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In my youth, I took a hobby in reading an extensive amount of folk tales of adventures and civilizations on the mythical planet "Earth." In one of these tales, were the chronicles of an ancient civilization named the "Egyptians." I have paid heed to the artists' depictions of Egyptian life-culture and death-culture. The Egyptian tombs look uncannily similar to the tombs I have been cleaning through in the [[Aranoch]] Desert.

Also, the backstory about these Egyptian tombs included that of graverobbers picking the tombs bare of all the treasures it had in store. Now I have been kicking urns and uncovering sarcophagi in order to re-equip myself in the field of my battles with the cursed demons and undead in these tombs. I would be considered a "graverobber" here, albeit for a heavenly cause.

It is obvious that the lore-writers decided to be unoriginal in basing the Egyptian culture directly off of ancient [[Aranoch]]. Then again, the origins in lore are much shrouded in colossal mystery. Perhaps portals opened from this "Earth" eons ago, sending us mortals from our original planet onto [[Sanctuary]]. If so, then these stories were an attempt to preserve our true origins, and the ancient Aranochs actually based their culture off of Egypt's.

However, as the Terran Tales have been handed down through the generations, we have corrupted our convictions enough into reducing the chronicles of Earth down to mere myth, folk lore, and fairy tales. Our civilization needs a reaffirmation that once upon a time, these were our true origins, not mere works of fantasy fiction. The prospects are dim and nigh-hopeless on this matter. There is reason to believe that no one will find a reaffirmation of the truth in these tales anytime soon. --[[User:ENG|ENG]] 13:08, 14 December 2008 (UTC)

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