Friday, June 10, 2016

My planned parodies (as the "Son of W.A.Y.")

I have had ideas for song parodies, some for many years, and aspire to publish them like Weird Al someday, albeit perhaps on a smaller scale than him.

Regardless of their successes, I hope they're at least just successful enough to make me financially independent and live comfortably between jobs.

As more parody ideas come to mind, I will add more here.

I will only place 10 songs to a CD, and up to 50 to a DVD.

The first draft of this parody list was published on June 10, 2016, but I have since made numerous amendments to this list.
  1. Stockin' Yogurt
    • Parody of "Rockin' Robin" by The Jackson 5 (with a young Michael Jackson)
    • This is the Karaoke version of "Rockin' Robin"
    • Music video must show a supermarket employee stocking shelves with any brand of yogurt. The rhythm of his arm while putting away the yogurt, rotating them (by expiration date) and etc. MUST match the music. Later on, facial expression and body language must be indicitive of the tedious, monotonous nature of that low-wage job. Eventually the employee must appear to ponder what the hell he's doing with his life, and what better jobs he could work instead.
  2. Go Take Care of the Butter
    • Parody of a tune heard in some 1969 Dodge Charger commercials.
    • That tune is actually based on "Do You Know The Way To San Jose?"
    • This is another instrumental for DYKTWTSJ.
    • Based on a true story, the music video should show a middle school-aged couple going past a supermarket employee while boyfriend pushes the cart girlfriend is riding in! Manager tells her to stop riding cart; she gets off. (That order may be part of the song.) Then employee asks manager in astonishment (perhaps while singing) how often this happens, and whether there's a truancy rule about kids being here without parents during school hours. Manager answers briefly, then tells employee to Go Take Care of the Butter. Then scene cuts to stocker dealing with lots of butter, which is on sale that day. (If the dialogues can't be made so they sing it to each other, an unseen voice can sing the relevant lyrics during that time, while their dialogue goes unheard - mouths moving while the viewer doesn't hear what they say.)
  3. Stop Tickling My Feet
  4. You Were Being Such An Idiot (So I Stomped On Your Hand)
  5. He's A Future Dead Man
    • Parody of a tune that Dory Deines (class of 2004) played solo on a trombone(?) at a Chapman High School concert
    • Music video must show males who are unmistakably senior citizens, past retirement age. Some may be seen in nursing homes or senior-citizen hangout centers.
  6. Let's Part Ways
    • Parody of the same tune that Dory Deines played
    • In a music video, a supermarket worker gets brought into the store office by one of the managers, who sits him down with another manager, telling him that they must part ways. Spoken dialogue, if any, MUST only be heard during the instrumental, unsung parts of the video, or before and after the song plays. Or possibly, on the other hand, the spoken dialogue between employee and manager(s) could be sung as part of the music video's music.
  7. What Does Death Feel Like?
    • Parody of "I Want It That Way" by The Backstreet Boys
    • Music video may show emo goths who cut themselves and pass out for a time, then after getting revived, relate their experience by singing some or all of the lyrics.
  8. Goin' In The Wrong Place
    • Parody of "Breakdown" by The Veggie Tales / Reliant K
    • The music video must take place in either a college dorm or fraternity.
  9. But Will You Stop Tickling My Feet? (Tickling Sandals)
  10. He's a NEAR-Future Dead Man
    • Parody of a tune in a 1986 R.L. Dukes Oldsmobile commercial
    • Music video must show an elderly male who is apparently near-death (so not as healthy-looking as ordinary male senior citizens.) Example: Well over 300 lbs, gets around in a Hoveround wheelchair, and clearly past retirement age.
  11. Your Financial Aid's Been Denied
    • Parody of "Bonnie Blue Flag," a Civil War tune played and sung by the Confederate side
    • BBF is over 150 years old, so the parody must be played with modern instrumentation.
    • A music video must show a student (or actor / actress / singer dressed as one) in the financial aid office of a college, while being confronted by a Financial Aid Director informing them that their financial aid has been denied. Relevantly appropriate body language and facial expressions must follow.
  12. On Point (While Leasing A Truck)
    • Parody of "Convoy," a trucking folk song by C.W. McCall
    • Modern, 2009 version of "Convoy" by Paul Brandt
    • Music video should show the new driver signing a contract in an office of what is CLEARLY a truck leasing company. Cut to a scene where he at first gets comfortably settled into his new truck, admiring the digs inside the cab, then gets his first load assignment. Another scene, he shows apprehension when looking at his pay deposit, which isn't as high as he'd hoped, because all leasing and operating expenses ate up so much of the income, then cut to a driving scene where he looks and feels anxious since he can't use up too much fuel, so he must figure out how to hypermile his truck. In a later scene, his truck suffers mechanical problems. When he's faced with the bill to restore the truck to prime operating condition, he has a hard time coming to terms with those expenses; he has to pay a good portion of his own money towards it. Later scene, tax time comes; he can't come to grips with crippling taxes that break him, making him decide to quit the truck leasing gig; his facial expression and body language shows clear exasperation at the failure of this gig when he parks the truck near the leasing office, and SLAMS his keys onto the desk of the one who cancels his contract. One of the final scenes shows him opting to be a company driver, and feeling visibly happier at his new job where his income is better thanks to not having to deal with all the leasing fees and fuel costs.
  13. Twitter
    • Parody of "Thriller" by Michael Jackson
    • A music video MUST show a user (perhaps also the singer) on a computer, smartphone, tablet, watchphone, or a future uninvented web-connected device CLEARLY using Twitter - sending Tweets, reading them, reading profiles (perhaps of celebrities) or all actions mentioned.
    • The instrumentation must remove all the creepy, Halloween-y elements of the original song, as "Twitter" is not meant to have a Halloween theme. Perhaps the instrumentation could instead be modernized to sound like it comes from the year of the parody's recording.
  14. Are You Just Now Figuring Out That I'm An A-Hole? (The Ballad of Tyler Brown)
    • Parody of "Bonnie Blue Flag," a Civil War tune played and sung by the Confederate side (as parodied in "Your Financial Aid's Been Denied")
    • BBF was made in the 1860s, so the parody requires modern instrumentation
    • Music video must show a lookalike of Tyler Brown (apparently high school-aged) in and out of a pizza parlor interacting with co-workers, managers and customers, as well as customers on the phone
  15. Don't Even Tickle My Shoes
  16. Go Back Inside
    • Parody of "Mahna Mahna," a nonsense song sung by a Muppet
    • In a music video, a lookalike of John Spears (apparently a college-aged alpha-male) must point the protagonist back to the door from where he came. 
  17. Dead Hard Drive
  18. We Need You
    • Parody of "Eye Of The Tiger" by Survivor
    • Music video shows a supermarket employee calling in sick to his manager and singing the lyrics over the phone. The bald, Hispanic manager in his 40s (based on a true story) sings back to the employee from the other side of the call.
  19. Do You Have A Laser Pointer On You?
    • Parody of "Genie in a Bottle" by Christina Aguilera
    • Music video shows a male college freshman must be seen shining lasers from a hallway window of a residence hall, through the windows of another residence hall across the way (can be across the street, a park, a tennis court; any residence hall that faces another up to a 5-minute walk away. Scene cuts to a female reporting to her RA about lasers being shone into her room, and the RA calling the residence hall the laser is coming from. The next scene shows a male RA comes across the laser-shining student while he's doing something else, and asks him whether he has a laser pointer on him.
  20. The Chevy Chevette Can Only Get You 40,000 Miles
    • Parody of "Thanks for the Buggy Ride" by Frank Crumit
    • TftBR was published in 1926, so the parody needs modern instrumentation
    • Music video should show someone driving a Chevrolet Chevette (of any model-year) and showing facial signs of frustration when the car doesn't perform like it needs to. Later on, something goes wrong with the engine so the car pulls over, and the frustrated driver checks above and under the hood. UNDECIDED AS OF YET: Driver may also sing some or all of the lyrics.
  21. What Did Guy Fawkes Say?
    • Parody of "The Fox / What Does The Fox Say?" by Ylvis
    • (Preferably sung by a British ensemble, as Guy Fawkes is a significant British historical figure)
    • Music video should show a montage of all sorts of paintings, statues and other depictions of Guy Fawkes, including that of his effigies being burned in straw piles every November 5th.
    • The song could also have educational value, and be shown in history classes at any school anywhere.
  22. Omegle
    • Parody of "As The Deer," an old Sunday School hymn
    • Music video should show users using the Omegle online random chat service (some parts of the vid text-chatting, others video-chatting. Video chatters from the other end of the chat should be seen singing some of the lyrics.)
  23. Wolfram Alpha
    • Parody of "God Bless Texas" by Brady Seals / Little Texas
    • Music video should show various users of Wolfram Alpha perusing the site for various purposes - whether to win a bet about a dubious-sounding fact, satisfy a casual curiosity, or help them get their homework or research paper done.
  24. The Breaststrokes (A Tale of Michael Phelps)
    • Parody of the "Diff'rent Strokes Theme" by Alan Thicke, Al Burton and Gloria Long
    • A music video must show a montage of video footage of Michael Phelps - swimming during competitions, getting interviews, cheering at his wins, holding up prizes, and anything to do with him and his legendary swimming achievements.
  25. The Tale of Wendy Chong
    • Parody of "Give Thanks (With a Grateful Heart)," a contemporary hymn
    • Music video must show a montage of videos that Wendy Chong appears in - a noodle commercial at age 4-5, various scenes of Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show, and a different show showing her in an episode aired in 1989 as a character named Lea Chen, the last time (recorded by IMDB) that she appeared in the show business. The montage can also include still pictures, including that of her in adulthood in the last quarter of the song.
  26. There Is Just No Money (The Ballad of East St. Louis)
    • Parody of "Crazy 'Bout An Automobile" by Ry Cooder
    • Music video should be a montage of pictures and videos of East St. Louis - a few landmarks, but mostly the deteriorating condition of the city - distressed, abandoned buildings, leaking water / sewage pipes and/or broken streets, crime scene footage, and anything to indicate the run-down condition of the cash-strapped town on the wrong side of the Mississippi.
  27. Jelly Bean
    • Secondary title, shown under main title: "Too Many Sweets Aren't Good For You"
    • Parody of "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson
    • Music video must show a child overindulging in too much candy, with jelly beans being the most conspicuous and prominent. Years pass, and the teenager shows signs of distressed teeth. He's also getting obese thanks to the sweets' excess calories and fat taken in over the years. Some peers may exclude him from their cliques (not make him fit in) because of his constitution and dental appearance. He realizes the error of his ways, and starts healthier snacking habits. By the time he's in college, he loses weight and shows better teeth.
    • This parody will also be endorsed as a public service announcement by dental and/or health organizations to only indulge moderately and keep taking good care of our teeth.
  28. Now Use the Silver Knork
    • Parody of "Look Out For Mr. Stork," the opening theme for "Dumbo," a 1941 Disney film
    • As the original tune was composed by 1941, the parody must have modern instrumentation
    • The music video must show footage (video or still) of the Knork factory in Newton, KS. Also, pictures of the knork utensil itself. Cut to a user eating with the combined knife-fork utensil.
    • Preferably sung by a choral ensemble of 3, 4 or more.
  29. Collins Bus
    • Parody of "Will You Buy A Fine Dog," a renaissance tune by Thomas Morley, penned in 1600.
    • Contemporary instrumentation recommended
  30. Dana Plato's Ballad
    • Parody of the Diff'rent Strokes Theme
    • If two verses, the second verse should have more modern instrumentation
    • Music video must have a montage of Dana Plato, both video and still images.
  31. (Only In) Saudi
  32. Automate... With Robots!
    • Parody of "That's The Way I Like It" by KC & The Sunshine Band
    • Music video ought to show everything to do with jobs being automated with robots. Scenes must be both of science-fiction works and science-fact.
    • In some parts of the music video, robots ought to be seen dancing in sync to the tune. Some can be compatible to the human anatomy (i.e. "androids") but some that dance with androids won't be.
    • Updated, modern instrumentation recommended
  33. Joguk Tongil (Korean Reunification)
    • Parody of "Get Down Tonight" by KC & The Sunshine Band
    • I intend for a native Korean songwriter to pen a translation of this song, so it can be released in both languages. Until then, the only Korean words uttered will be "Joguk Tongil."
    • The song will clearly explain the concept of Korean Reunification as well and the march toward it.
    • K-Pop-style instrumentation strongly recommended
  34. The Awesomenesses
    • Parody of "Most Beautiful Girl In The Room" by Flight of the Conchords
    • The Awesomenesses was a bible study group conducted and attended by college students at a rented house in Newton, KS. The group was led by Mike Wallender, Jake Uhlrich and Cole Inghram. I attended the group in 2015-2016. They may still meet, as of this revision on 9-2-2016.
  35. Lemon Lime
    • Parody of "I Stand All Amazed," an LDS hymn
    • Music video must show lemon limes, lemon lime-flavored drinks, smoothies, and any dessert that involves lemon and lime together. Also, anyone consuming them.
  36. He Is Such A Dead Man of the Future
  37. Ballad of Bobby Bram
  38. Ballad of Rachael Moore
    • Alternative title: "Ballad of Rochaelle O'Salina" in case Rachael isn't interested in a cut of the royalties
    • Parody of "River in Judea"
    • Music video must show an actress who doppelgangs Rachael - she must be partially or wholly of Native American descent or pass convincingly for someone of Native American descent. She must wear modern clothes, not traditional Native American garb (feathers and all.) She must be aged 18-25, and appear to weigh 300-350 lbs. She may wear a fat suit to artificially look this heavyset, if necessary.
  39. Ballad of Jimmy Hoffa
  40. There's a Truck on a Parkway
    • Parody of "Lowrider" by War
    • Music video must show a semi driving on a parkway in an eastern state, before its trailer gets ripped open by a low-clearance overpass. There can also be a montage of still images showing warning signs for trucks not to enter a parkway, and overheight accident scenes.
  41. Collins, Missouri
    • Parody of "Man In The Mirror" by Michael Jackson
    • Another version of "Man In The Mirror," sung by a choir
    • Music video must show a video and still montage of the small village in rural St. Clair County, MO, about 50 miles north of Springfield.
    • Music video may also possibly show Alex and Amira Gerry, and possibly other members of the Gerry family, who live near Collins.
    • Lyrics may possibly sing about Natasha's prior relationship with Alex.
  42. This is Reddit
  43. Stevia, Stevia
  44. Talbukja
    • Parody of "Bicycle" by Queen
    • Instrumental version
    • Music video must show a video and still montage of North Korean defectors, known as "Talbukja" (pronounced "tall - book - jaw")
    • A translator must pen a Korean version for this song.
  45. Let's End The DPRK
    • Parody of "Bangapseumnida" by the Bocheonbo Electronic Ensemble
    • Original music video
    • Music video must show any and all anti-DPRK sentiment - North Korean flags getting burned, portraits of past and present North Korean leaders getting defaced, North Korean defectors (Talbukja) running into embassies
    • If I ever end up dead, suspect North Korean sleeper agents.
    • If I ever sing this live in a Korean venue, I must wear body armor and a ballistic Kevlar helmet, just in case a North Korean sleeper agent is among the crowds. Said tactical armor would be part of the "dress ensemble" for my anti-DPRK songs.
    • The original's instrumentation was an old style of 1970s North Korean electronica. Therefore, the parody's instrumentation ought to be updated to the standards of contemporary K-Pop.
      • Two versions can be recorded - one with original instrumentation, the other updated. Polls can later inform us which one is more likeable.
  46. I Went Down to Bompton For a Bup of Boffee
    • Parody of the "Banana Boat Song" and "Bin Laden Bomb Song"
    • Music video must show a red-clad African-American man going to a cafe in Compton, CA (South-Central LA) and having a cup of coffee with a buddy / "brotha" / colleague / "home-boy" also clad in red.
    • The parody ought to be sung by an all-black (African-American) ensemble
    • This song isn't intended to be racist, but rather tell the history of gangs (especially the Bloods gang) in 1990s South-Central Los Angeles
    • Instrumentation must be that of rap / hip-hop.
      • If another version is recorded with original instrumentation, perhaps this parody can be sung with a Jamaican / Caribbean accent.
  47. The Ggotjebi of Cheongjin
    • Parody of the "Pink Panther Theme"
    • Instrumentation could be a hybrid of North Korean electronica and contemporary K-Pop.
    • Music video must show a montage of An Cheol's surreptitious footage of Cheongjin and the ggotjebi, the term for North Korean street children who must fend for themselves in a land of constant scarcity. Also, still and satellite images of Cheongjin must be shown. A foggy cityscape of Cheongjin would be a BIG plus, in order to set the mood of the music.
  48. (The Tale of) Robin Bleasdale
    • Parody of "Tingalayo"
    • Another version of "Tingalayo" by Raffi
    • Music video must show a video and still montage of Robin Bleasdale throughout her childhood on Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show, then her later years as a professional dancer and eventually dance director of Dance Fusion, a dancing studio near Toronto.
  49. They Will Elope
    • Parody of "Strip Polka" by The Andrews Sisters
    • This song is about the plight of Alzheimer's and Dementia patients - if they are not locked inside their sections of their nursing homes like it's a fancy jail, the nursing staff are afraid that They Will Elope - they will leave and not find their way back. This "confinement" impacted me when I volunteered at a nursing home a few times. Since I had a scary time feeling "confined," I opted to go back to the "mainstream" section of the nursing home just upstairs, by asking a nurse to tap in a code to open the door and let me feel liberated at last.
    • A singing ensemble of senior citizens over 60 is highly recommended. If any of them are fans of / familiar with The Andrews Sisters, that would be a plus.
    • Music video could show a various assortment of Alzheimer's and Dementia patients doing what they do. If any footage shows them walking around, apparently by themselves, that would be a bonus.
  50. This Vocal Chic (is the Ticklefoot)
    • This is a FITL (fʌɪtɛl) song. FITL = Fill In The Line. (Most famous example of a FITL song is "Happy Birthday," where someone's name is filled in.) "This Vocal Chic" can be substituted for another descriptor, or a female's name.
    • Parody of "The Littl' Bits" theme
    • This parody would preferably get sung by an under-30 all-female ensemble. Exceptions can be made for older women whose voices can pass for being under 30.
  51. This is Someone's House
    • This is another FITL song. "This Is Someone's" can be substituted for someone's or an organization's name. If room permits, "This is" and "It's" can still be used: "This is (name's) house" or "It's (first name, last name's) house." The other placeholder, "This is their address, right here in town," can be substituted for the actual address!
    • Parody of "Baby Come-A Back" by The Chordettes
    • I give permission to all realtors and private sellers anywhere on Earth, to use this song to sell homes! If the house is currently vacant, sing "It's a Vacant House" in place of "This is Someone's House." Otherwise, you may use the name of the current owners if permitted.
    • For music videos, a songmaking software should use a "house selling" template to insert picture and video montages of a house being sold, so that for every house sold that employs this song, a custom montage for each of them could be used.
  52. The North Korean's Ballad
    • Parody of the slower, serious version of "Be For You, Be For Me" from the Love Hina Again soundtrack
    • The music video must show a montage of North Koreans, as well as them enduring hardships, and even defecting away from their repressive regime.
    • The instrumentation could be changed to be more in-line with K-Pop instrumentation, if there are differences.
    • A translator must pen a Korean translation for this song.
  53. Don't Join ISIS; That Will Get You Killed
    • Secondary title: ISIS Passport means INSTANT ARREST
    • Parody of "C is for Cookie" from Sesame Street
    • Another version of "C is for Cookie" by Marilyn Horne
    • The instrumentation could be a mix of that which is heard in traditional & modern Islamic music, and the nasheeds of ISIL. 
      • However, as most nasheeds are acappella, the vocals may have to sing with an Arabic accent. If real Arabic singers cannot be available, the singers have to give off the best impression of an Arabic accent that they can.
    • The music video could be a montage of the life of a radicalized ISIS fighter - who is promised riches and other dreamy possessions, only to not see said promises materialize once he arrives in ISIS territory, yet is forced to fight for their resoundingly evil cause. Then after footage of an airstrike on an ISIS position shows, he may later be shown as killed in battle. For a not-so-NSFW version, that graphic depiction may be blurred out.
    • As this is a public service announcement warning against the perils of joining ISIL, a translator must pen an Arabic translation for this song.
  54. She Moved Her Boyfriend Into My Apartment 
    • Parody of "Jim Along Josie"
    • The music video needs to show a reenactment scene with the following actors and actress:
      • An undergrad college-aged female, half-white, half-Asian, hair dyed brunette
      • Her boyfriend - a tall, thin freckled college-aged guy with dark-brown hair, who smokes (preferably a prop cigarette.) 
      • The singer, her brother, would be half-Asian, also college-aged, with black hair, about 6', and weighing about 175 lbs.
  55. Come Down To KBC
    • There will be three verses, each with their own sub-titles:
      • Come Camp at KBC
      • Come Staff at KBC
      • Come Counsel at KBC
    • Parody of "Who Killed Jesus"
    • Unlike the original, the parody's tempo must be faster and more upbeat.
    • The music video must show a photo and video montage of life at Kansas Bible Camp near Hutchinson. 
      • The montage for the "Camp" verse must depict campers' lives and activities. 
      • The montage for the "Staff" verse must depict the staffers and what they do. 
      • The montage for the "Counsel" verse must depict the camp counselors and what they do.
    • When I camped at KBC in 2002, the song "Who Killed Jesus" (So Many Years Ago) stuck out amongst all the other hymns, that it has since been indelibly imprinted into my memories of my time there.
  56. High Fructose Corn Syrup is Bad For You
    • Parody of "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay
    • Music video must show singers who are thin at first, then as they consume products containing HFCS, time passes and they grow wider. They must don different, progressively bigger fat-suits for progressing parts of the music video.
    • This song is also a public service announcement that I will give free license to health advocacy groups to use. All I ask is that I get credited for making this song.
  57. The Ballad of Iran
  58. Difference Between a Hope and a Hoax
    • Parody of "A Horse With No Name" by America
    • As the original was recorded in the 1970s, perhaps the parody's instrumentation can be disco.
  59. Oh, Angi van Allen
    • Alternate / sub-title: By the way, Angi, You Seem Pretty Calm Today
    • Parody of "Oh, How I Love Jesus"
    • Cedarmont version of "Oh, How I Love Jesus"
    • Music video must depict a lookalike of "Angi" van Allen as she appeared in 2013-2014 (when she was 20-21) unless of course, the original "Angi" can remake her appearance to the way she appeared in those years, and is interested in earning the money and recognition from appearing in one.
  60. Your Attempts To Avoid Social Missteps
    • Full title: It Seems That Your Attempts To Avoid Social Missteps, are causing 70-80% Of Your Social Missteps
    • Parody of "Navy Seal Copypasta" (Warning: Profanity-laced!)
  61. This Won't Work Out
    • Alternate title: It's Not You, It's Me
    • Parody of "I Don't Like You" by Kat McSnatch (Warning: Occasional profanity!)
  62. Detroit
    • Parody of "Beat It" by Michael Jackson
    • Music video must show all notable images of Detroit - the gleaming and the dilapidated. 
    • When budget allows for an updated music videos, actors and dancers must dance on-location in front of known Detroit landmarks.
  63. Memories Form Who We Are
    • Parody of "Daddy's Oldsmobile" by Hal Ketchum
    • Based on a true story, music video must show a lookalike actor of 2013 me singing to fellow friends in a car (either a blue 2009 Toyota Prius, as had originally happened, or a 1992 Oldsmobile, as the original song about an Oldsmobile was published in 1992) that I need to find a memory-erasing pill in order to unburden myself of any bad memory I suffer from having. A lookalike actress of 2013 Kayla B. must sing to him that "memories form who we are" for a few reasons. Then my actor must sing back to her a debate about how possibly removing bad, unwanted memories could make us better people, because some who have grown up in abusive circumstances "pay it forward" by later becoming abusive themselves.
  64. Worlds of Fun
    • Parody of "Old Joe Clark," an old folk mountain ballad from eastern Kentucky.
    • The music video must show EVERYTHING about Worlds of Fun - amateur camcorder footage depicting a day in the Kansas City theme park would be ideal.
    • Should Worlds of Fun / Cedar Fair Entertainment Company use this song for marketing purposes, they may use their official footage of the park as part of an updated music video. Also, professional actors may appear in a music video intended to market the theme park.
    • Should Worlds of Fun / CFEC use this song for marketing purposes, I hope to get some VIP perks - something like a reduced admission fare for me and any party I bring to enter the park, a special discount card to earn a half-price discount on goods sold in there, discounts for lodging in nearby hotels, etc.
    • The song's instrumentation ought to get updated to the musical tastes of the present day. To keep to a local geographical theme, professional music artists from the KC metro area can be hired to play the modern rendition.
  65. Oklahoma City
  66. In Johnson County
  67. As a Prison Guard
    • Alternate title: As a Prison Guard, All Throughout The Day
    • Parody of "Algorithm Taiso," sung in the Japanese children's show, "Pitagora Suiichi"
    • The music video must show all sorts of duties that a correctional officer performs.
    • The lyrics "Te wo yoko ni, hara abunai" gets replaced with "As a prison guard, all throughout the day,"
  68. I Have A Lot To Do Today
    • Parody of "Algorithm March," sung in the Japanese children's show, "Pitagora Suiichi"
    • The music video must show an LDS alpha male (possibly a lookalike of John Spears), looking annoyed at a thinner guy and singing to him that he has a lot to do today, then when he lists what he's gotta do, the scenes in the video must abruptly change to the actions that he's doing the moment he sings about them. Some of the scenes may include LDS activities, like meeting with a pair of missionaries, etc.
  69. Never Vote For Trump
    • Parody of "You Are A ---t" by Kat McSnatch (NSFW, filled to the brim with profanities)
    • The music video must show all the reasons not to vote for Trump - quotes attributed to him (that came from him), news headlines reporting negative remarks about him, and all manners of negative facial expressions and other visual signs that Trump is an unfit candidate.
  70. Bratayley Ballad
    • Parody of "(I Wish I Was In) Dixie"
    • "To Arms" version of "Dixie"
    • Union version of "Dixie"
    • The music video must show everything to do with Caleb Logan LeBlanc (Bratayley), a YT star who suddenly went to permasleep of a mysterious condition later found to be hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
    • The beginning of the song must start with the chime heard in the beginning of every Bratayley video; the part played right before a couple of LeBlanc kids announce, "It's time for... BRATAYLEY!" That chime is to immediately segue to the start of the "Dixie" tune.
  71. Escape From North Korea
  72. I.T. Girl
    • Parody of "It Girl" by Jason Derulo
    • Sped up version of "It Girl" by Nightcore
    • Music video ideas: The story revolves around a girl / young woman who works in the "I.T." (Information Tech) department, so the visuals must show her going about her job's duties, perhaps also unique challenges women face from working in I.T.
    • Lyric ideas: Study about the work-life of any female I.T. representative, and try to shoehorn important pointers into the lines.
  73. Cool & Comfy In The Self-Driving Car
    • Parody of "On The Old Back Seat of the Henry Ford" by Arthur Collins
    • Instrumentation MUST be updated to the standards of pop music of the year of this parody's release
    • Music video ideas: All footage must involve driverless / autonomous / self-driving cars and the occupant(s) enjoying their time in them without being at the wheel.
    • Lyric ideas: Everything to expound on the conveniences and life-upgrades of owning / using self-driving cars must be sung.
  74. Why We're Not All Future Dead People
    • Parody of "Belleville Rendezvous" by Benoit Charest, Mathieu Chedid
    • English version of "Belleville Rendezvous" by SoQuietly's Channel
    • Instrumentation could be updated to the standards of the release year's pop music of France or America, or a mix of both.
    • Lyric ideas:The lyrics need to explain how advances in medical research cure more incurable diseases every year, faster than before thanks to the aid of ever-faster research computers. Then eventually, aging itself, the last incurable disease, will get cured too, explaining why anyone younger than retirement age today won't be considered "future dead people," but instead "future immortals."
  75. Away The Lord's Resistance Army
    • Parody of "Whiskey in the Jar" by The Dubliners
    • Metallican version of "Whiskey in the Jar" - a '90s re-instrumentation
    • Instrumentation could be redone to that of popular contemporary Central African music.
    • Music video ideas: Any stock footage about the Lord's Resistance Army, Joseph Kony, and the anti-LRA charity Invisible Children, and one of its frontmen, Jason Russell.
    • Lyric ideas: It must sing about the ruthless exploits of Joseph Kony and the LRA - its abuse on kids, the reasons why the LRA must be done away with and Joseph Kony arrested. Also, mentions of Invisible Children's anti-LRA efforts.
  76. Are You An Employee Here?
    • Parody of "Stephen Quire Song" by Archibald Inho
    • Music video must show a shopper absent-mindedly going around the store before its grand-opening, so everyone else there are only employees. He must ask an employee to help him find something, with the response being "Are you an employee here?!" Then once it's clear that he shouldn't be here since the store's not open yet and that detail escaped the shopper somehow, he's escorted out and told to come back on the date of the grand opening.

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