Friday, July 01, 2016

My plans for making videos on YouTube

Someday, whenever I get a professional knack for making ad revenue-generating YouTube videos, I plan on making some series that could be funny or informative, or just plain interesting. Some ideas are:

  • Making a virtual choir of virtual characters all wearing HeadCrab helmets (the parasitic creatures from the Half-Life series of games) placing their hands at the bottom of their headcrabs, while dancing to any song I decide to have them dance to.
  • Sitting and Smiling for 4 minutes (a parody of Benjamin Bennett's Sitting and Smiling series that takes 4 hours per video.) Unlike Benjamin, who sits perfectly still, while blinking, I would make comments like "Ah, this itches," etc. while taking care of an itch, readjusting my collar, and other small moves that would make me a funny parody of the 4-hour sitter and smiler.

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