Thursday, April 05, 2012

The "Unfinished Car" analogy

To express where I stand in life and at least how I feel about where I stand, I use the car analogy.

  • Students are like cars in the assembly line.
  • The assembly line is schooling.
  • The car lot is the job market.
  • The car buyer is the recruiter of employees.
  • The missing, unassembled, or improperly assembled parts of our cars are our kinks. 
    • I have kinks to work out, and so do all other students. We all have kinks of varying sorts. 
      • I, on the other hand, have more than most other students have. 
        • I've been working them out, but still have quite a bit more to work.
  • If we were shipped to the car lot: 
    • almost but not completely assembled 
    • Or with parts put in the wrong way, 
      • how do you think the car buyer would react if they noticed such imperfections?
College is the experience that helps us work out those kinks. I keep going to college so that the experiences I get through my studies and other activities in college, perfect the qualities about me that I need perfected in the post-college adult life.

The longer I'm in college, the more I get to find and work on all the kinks that I must take care of, so every extra semester I am in college should make me more hirable than if I had left earlier.

I have social skills issues, and being in college is maturing these skills quicker than if I had left earlier. Some vehicles take longer to assemble than others, but when more time and care is taken on their assembly process, they may turn out better than otherwise.

This is why I only hope to graduate college once my social skills are on par with a college graduate's. I need to be the best that I can be if I am to thrive in the post-college world.

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