Friday, April 06, 2012

My planned / future literary works

  • The Second Childhood
    • Plot summary: A college student has an accident involving a special Native-American powder which, after being mixed with the wrong agents, instead of causing the intended effect, causes his soul to migrate to the body of a 5-year-old many states away.
      • His mind is still as it was, so even though his new body is 5, he still has a college student's mind and knowledge.
    • Reason for writing: To help cope with my "unfinished childhood business" by having this fictional character finish that business "on my behalf." He would know what mistakes not to make that he made in his first childhood, hence this childhood would be more perfect.
      • Moreover, he'd not miss what I missed in my childhood, hence feel more complete about the formative years. 
      • He'd (and I'd?) feel more satisfied, and a better sense of closure to a previous era of our lives.
      • Basically, I want this to happen to me, but no current level of technology (or alchemy) will allow this. That's why a fictional character must be my proxy for these purposes.

  • A Century at 10: The Saga of the Prolonged Youth (tentative title)
    • Given how long the story would get, this may turn into a series of many novels.
    • Plot summary: A 10-year-old boy in 1910 is incredibly displeased about how his future adult life could turn out. He goes to the biggest tree in the grove behind his house, and sniffles at his dilemma while hitting the tree. Turns out, it's an old Native-American burial ground. He inadvertently summons a spirit. The spirit learns that he's not looking forward to his adult years, and casts a spell on the boy to keep his body at the same age for the next 90 years.
      • He will still learn like all the other kids. His mind will still mature through the schooling and life-experiences that he receives, like everyone else.
      • Once Y2k comes around, his body starts aging again, but (tentatively) only 1 year for every 10 years that pass. That would make him appear 11.2 in 2012.
        • (Unsure whether I should have him age that slowly once 2000 rolls around, or age at the rate of everyone else then. It'll depend on how events and his life will turn out in this series of novels.)
      • Mortality being congruent with aging, he soon discovers that he can't get hurt or sick. He therefore gets to take more risks, and be a hero in situations where others reasonably wouldn't.
      • Mistakes are more forgiveable if we make them when younger. He would (theoretically) be treated better for the mistakes he makes. But as the years pass, he would learn from his mistakes and become a kid who knows how to do more things right than any other kid!
      • When he becomes a prodigy of a child, he would get to achieve and accomplish like no other kid around him, and have the time of his childhood far more often than I got to.
        • He'd have recognition,
        • positive attention, 
        • many more friends 
          • He'd have all that extra time of looking 10 years old to learn all the social skills he'd need!
        • More education and academic marks/qualifications than many could even hope for in a lifetime.
          • So many medals, letters of commendation, trophies, and other types of awards that he and I would feel pumped for.
        • Far more fun, far less stress.
          • (Life is generally simpler and more fun-filled for 10-year-olds.)
        • Overall, he may have a better quality of life than I did/do.
    • Reason for writing: My body left my childhood before I was ready to, so this fictional character will live the life that I had preferred to live in order to be a more well-rounded individual and have no/lesser regrets about our youth.
      • I want to go back and fix all mistakes that I regret. However, for most such mistakes, there is no plausible way, so the kid will instead be my proxy who has a chance to avoid / improve from mistakes while still being a kid, and still having the same opportunities to do so.
  •  The Exameter Road (tentative title)
    • Other possible titles: Parsec Parkway, Shultz Ribbon, Interstellar Highway Habitat, Stringworld
    • Description of object: Think of Niven's Ringworld. Instead of a ring-shape, the artificial world is shaped like a road or parkway, and goes from one star to another. The surface would be a livable habitat, 100,000 miles (or kilometers?) wide, and the length would be immeasurable because it is basically a massive string in space that connects from one star system to another.
    • Plot summary: Either it involves the construction of said habitat, or the discovery thereof. Perhaps a spinoff series would go over the discovery thereof.

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