Tuesday, February 28, 2012

YouTube ads are INCONGRUENT to the content of the videos!

I looked for a Renaissance chart-topper one night, and it shows an ad for Ford Trucks before I get to hear the music.

Ads may be irksome for many users, but I understand that they MUST show in order to earn revenue for YT and the video providers/uploaders.

However, if I MUST see an ad before anything pertaining to the medieval and renaissance eras, why not show me ads for an upcoming Renaissance Faire, or a musical that is medievally themed? Or costumes, replica swords, shields, and sundry items contemporary to the content of the video?

Think about this: Nickelodeon and Disney are channels intended for children and teens. Would they show LifeAlert, motorized wheelchairs, or anything intended for senior citizens? They would not, since such commercials are incongruent to the intended demographic and theme of those channels.

Greensleeves Celtic Version - YouTube:

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