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The Spry Eggshell Chronicles (Pages 6-10)

Page 6: “Walk on eggshells” definition page

1800's Old English usage, probably from the imagery that eggshells are easily broken.
to walk on eggshells (third-person singular simple present walks on eggshellspresent participle walking on eggshellssimple past and past participle walked on eggshells)
1.    (idiomaticTo be overly careful in dealing with a person or situation because they get angry or offended very easily; to try very hard not to upset someone or something.
2.    (idiomaticTo be careful and sensitive, in handling very sensitive matters.

Page 7: Foreword/disclaimer

All names and places have been aliased in this memoir, but anyone involved, and who knows anyone involved, will know who and where they are just from the contexts.

Page 8: Character & Place Directory of Aliases

Miss Eggshells: A.R. (nee S.)
Pat Brownback: E.R.
Branch President Beauregaard: Branch President W.
Brother King: Brother P.
Stake President Snuze: Stake President K.
Solara Randomhouse: C.W.
Skeeter Ford: D.H.
Carson Pykes: C.S.
Todd June: T.M.
Carlos Brown: C.B.
Kenneth Walnut: K.W.
Melhan Grovener: M.G.
Squiyre Threshold: P.T.
(more to add as they’re thought of)
Manahawkin, Kansas: M., Kansas
Ouachita, Kansas: W., Kansas
Sodiuma, Kansas: S., Kansas
Lago Salado, Utah: S.L.C., Utah
College Tree: U.B.
House of the Lord of Recent Sanctified Holy Ones: C.o.J.C.o.L.D.S.

Page 9: Title Reiteration Page

The Spry Eggshell Chronicles

Page 10: Beginning of Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Before We Met
(Body starts here)

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