Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Spry Eggshell Chronicles (Pages 1-5)

Page 1: Inside Title Page

The Spry Eggshell Chronicles
A chronicle of a siblinghood in Christ that lived on borrowed oxygen
(Egao No Genki)
(Publisher name)
(Publishing Office Locations)

Page 2: Publisher Details

(Publisher background, publishing date, et al.)

Page 3: The “For Whom” and Dedication page

(Insert dedication, etc. here)

Page 4: Acknowledgements

(Insert acknowledgements relevant to the making of this book here)

Page 5: “Spry” definition page

§  IPA: /spraɪ/
§  Rhymes: -aɪ
Probably from a Scandinavian source (Old Norse sprækr (“lively”))[1].
1.    Having great power of leaping or running; nimble; active.

§  Notes:
1.    ^ spry” in the Online Etymology Dictionary, Douglas Harper, 2001

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