Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My ASVAB test results (Personal Entry)

AFQT (Overall): 85/99

Mechanical: 67

Administrative: 87

General: 83

Electronic: 97

I just got the sub-scores over the phone from my Air Force recruiter. He wouldn't tell me out of how many possible, but I bet the possible is 99 as well.

I've known for a long time that I'm not cut out to be an auto mechanic. It's a dirty job, and I'd rather build websites. I've been around computers consistently since my preteen years, so that could partly explain why I have a 97 in the Electronic sub-test.

My three dream jobs in the Air Force are:

* Defense Linguist in the Korean Language
* Defense Linguist in the Japanese Language
* UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Operator

Fortunately, I have a gut feeling that I don't need high mechanic skills to be a UAV operator. (I'd need that to be a UAV mechanic.)

Now, as long as I pass the Lung Pulmonary test to prove I no longer have asthma, and get a note from (a) clinician(s) saying that anxiety is no longer a major issue, I may be very well on my way to qualifying past MEPS and going on the Delayed Entry Program to get shipped off to BMT in September.

Anyone who knows me well enough would know that I'm not cut out for the Marines. They're for the bullies of my former high school bullies. I think the Air Force may be the softest (main) military branch. (Coast Guard might not count, and there's no recruiting office for them in Kansas AFAIK.) I've heard that the Air Force is "posh" and has its own maid service in its on-base dorms, so I have determined that the Air Force is the branch that is most for me after all.

PS: If I somehow fail to get into the Air Force, I may consider the Army, which is why I've tagged the account of their recruiting office onto this note. They say they also have positions for UAV Operators and Defense Linguists.

Also, the Army has got a base in the downtown of Seoul (Yongsan-gu), so they're maybe a 10-15-minute taxi ride away from my uncle's family. On the other hand, the closest AFB is in Osan, so they're far enough away that I'll need to take a metro train to get to my families' neighborhoods.


  1. I know a young woman from Kansas who is now in the Air Force (she got in there around 2007-08). She has excellent linguistic skills (especially in Japanese and Korean and Arabic), and her computer skills aren't so bad, either.

    And well done for the Administrative part of the test. (85 is a terrific score when you're thinking 99/100).

    Had a younger cousin who was very good at mechanical things, then switched to nursing.

    And there is that song, "She was an Air Force wife/she worked weekends, it was the easy life". (Kim Wilde's Cambodia).

  2. What's the military's take on your Asperger's? Have you told them about that?