Monday, December 28, 2009

What are your opinions on these new flight rules? Don't they seem outrageous, especially when children are considered? (Current Event Entry)

Watch this video of the new flight rules:

For the last hour of the flight, no one can get up to go to the bathroom, or retrieve items from an overhead compartment.

This does not AT ALL bode well for children. Their bladders are typically more urgent, so that means the flight attendants will have puddles to clean up after everyone disembarks.

Moreover, operating costs will soar because seat cushions will keep needing to be replaced.

All this because ONE Nigerian had to ruin it for us all?

I'm glad I don't need to fly anytime soon, and especially with kids in tow.

Many parents will have to put their kids in Underjams or Goodnites because of this restriction, and I'm sure many kids will be so rebellious about that, that they would rather soak their seats than wear these youth diapers.

I hope Obama or some higher-up in the TSA allows an exception: for children under 13 to leave for the restroom at that time.


  1. You focus on diaper wearing but don't consider pregnant women who are more likely to have an urgent need to pee? How typical.

  2. Since I'm not a female, Anon, I guess I don't always remember about pregnant women on flights.

    (Besides, I had thought that pregnant women in their last trimester are prohibited from boarding a flight.)