Monday, October 05, 2009

ENG’s Goals for the next 6 years: (Personal Entry)

I was mandated by a parent to make these goals, having been told that I should have made them "six or seven years ago." Now I would like your feedback, thanks.

Prelude: January 2010: Finish the Geodon medication by the beginning of the month.

1. Spring 2010: Gain 27 credit-hours by the end of this academic year.

2. Summer 2010: Join the Navy.
......a. Pass the lung-pulmonary test.
......b. June 2010: See Navy Recruiter, take ASVAB, pass MEPS
......c. August or September 2010: Leave for Navy training academy, Great Lakes, IL
......d. November 2010: Enroll in the Navy’s linguistics institute to study Korean.
......e. 2011 or 1st half of 2012: Be assigned a station of first preference: A Navy base near Busan, Korea.

3. 2012: Finish college courses through an on-base college program.
......a. Or take online courses if the above is not an option. Be sure the online course fees do not exceed K-State’s in-state tuition rate unless the course comes from K-State itself.

4. 2nd half of 2012: Find a future Korean wife.
......a. 2nd half of 2013: Engage to be married
......b. 2nd half of 2014: Marry Korean wife.
............i. ALTERNATE MARRIAGE PLAN: If married to a non-Korean, apply to have a ¾-Korean son through a Korean surrogate mother.
............ii. ALTERNATE MARRIAGE PLAN II: If the Korean surrogate begets a daughter, keep trying until son is begotten.

5. 2015: Buy plot of land, construct container house for growing family.

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  1. Those sound like good goals, especially the one about getting off medication and having a wife (whether Korean or otherwise).

    I know someone who is really good that you could possibly get to know well.

    SDP Trajectory

    You make goals when you're ready to make goals. If you'd made them 6/7 years ago, you'd have been a teenager and had none of the experience of life you have now.

    I hope you don't mind my matchmaking!