Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wow. The incident over the "stolen" bike turned out to be an alarmed confusion. (Personal Entry)

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Today, I parked my bike at Leasure and went to my 8:30 tutoring session. Then we walked to the Library because it had Wi-Fi, whereas 3rd Floor of Leasure didn't (There's a connection called YASEEN whose signal is good, but I wouldn't know where to find the password.)

After the tutor & I parted ways, I went to Leasure to move my bike closer to Hale Library. Once there, I caught up on a lot for over 2 hours, then went out to ride to Seaton.

Then I didn't see my bike on the racks. I thought maybe I was absent-minded so I checked Leasure's. Not there either. I suspected that maybe my sister took it, but she never takes my bike when I'm in class. She only borrows it when I'm at home. Her phone is out of subscription, so I couldn't reach her.

I didn't want to take chances, so I filed a police report at Institute, where I had planned to have lunch. I had him sit at a table where Emma and a guest surnamed Leonardson(?) sat. The officer had some free food elsewhere, so he wasn't up to having our potatoes at our lunch today.

After 2 to 2 1/2 mugs of coffee (w/ numerous toppings,) I perceptibly shook, and Leonardson pointed that out. I appeared to have gotten off on the wrong foot with Leonardson because of that, and also because I had my shirt on backwards, which Emma pointed out. (When I'm in a rush to get to campus, that could happen.)

In the long trek after I finished my meal, I looked through numerous bike racks, and the same ones as earlier just to be sure, then thought and hoped that maybe my sister took it back home. I prayed for the safe return of my bike, twice.

Reaching Sanders, I saw it there. Then I had a talk with my sister, and asked her to activate her phone with the activation card I gave her and already paid for. She stood firm in holding that off as long as possible. I reminded her (or told her for the first time?) that she only had permission to borrow my bike if I was home, not while I'm in class. (It was already implied.) She had thought that I was still SLEEPING. She didn't bother to look towards my bed while she left the apartment, so when she spotted it near Hale, she thought someone stole it so she rode it back.

I called home to my family to ask if they'd wire money to my sister's account so she could get her own bike. They told me that our youngest sister doesn't use it as much so we can take it back to Manhattan the next time we visit Lindsborg.

Therefore, once my sister has her own bike, this confusion can not happen again. She also told me to text her to her regular email the next time I need to reach her, so she had me save her K-State email to my smartphone's directory.

I happily un-filed the report with the police and went on my merry way to class. The cost of my day was wasted time finding it, and a sore right trapezius muscle. (The load in my backpack is not best for the up-and-down walking motion, but ideal for the steadiness of sitting on my bicycle.)

I guess this had to be a wake-up call for whatever I might've been doing wrong in the spiritual side of things. I prayed the most heartfelt thanks, and hope that I know what to do and not do in the future in order to avoid God's punishments.

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