Thursday, September 17, 2009

Memorable quotes from anybody in my life! (Personal Entry)

I've decided to add memorable quotes from any point in my life to this list here, and tag the quoters if they are found on Facebook.

If you object to the wording, or to the presence on the note, kindly correct me and I will make amends.

If you can think of quotes between each other, post it and I will add it to the list.

1. BIG YES BOMB!!!!!! - Jason Carter (Facebook message, presumably SLC, UT, July 25, 2009)

2. That's 'cause we've got land! - Stephen Reed Matheson (Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, May 2008)

3. Muri means impossible. - Jordan Anderson (Urakami Station, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Late June 2009)

4. ...the Church will pay for it. - Anne Gundersen (or her mission partner, Sister Webb) (Manhattan, KS, May 2009)

5. Lauren? - Me
5a. Becca! - Becca Johnson Foster
5c. Oh, well you look a LOT like Lauren Terry. - Me
5d. I don't look ANYTHING like Lauren Terry! - Becca Johnson Foster (Manhattan, KS, Spring 2009)

6. *tap*, *tap* - Me, attempting to turn on overhead light in car
6a. It doesn't push! - Andie Spry (March 2009, while returning from a hockey game in Topeka, Westbound on I-70, KS)

7. (Paraphrased) After you played San Andreas all night, I think it was better for you not to go on the Temple trip after all. - Chris Speirs (Manhattan, KS, Early September 2009)

8. (In music class) You're driving me nuts! - Cary Cuff
8a. (pulls out snack from pocket) Oh, then you want a peanut? - Me
8b. (Cary gets up to tell on me to Mrs. Meyer, our Music teacher.) (Chapman, KS, 1994-1995 school year)

9. (Mrs. Schuler reads my answers, points to the answer, "Answers May Vary.")
9a. Did you copy my answer book? - Mrs. Sally Schuler
9b. Uhh, no? - Me (Chapman, KS, 1992-1993 school year)

10. (Withheld, pending my youngest sister's permission.) - Mimi (Chapman, KS, starting from Winter 2004)

11. HEY! YOU ****ING IDIOT! LEARN HOW TO ****ING DRIVE!!! - Unknown early-20s male Hispanic in gold early 2000s Mercury Cougar (A somewhat rough-looking part of Kansas City, KS, December 31, 2007)

12. ...And you very nearly caused an accident... - Unknown Shawnee County trooper (West of Topeka, January 1, 2008)

13. (Withheld, pending my youngest sister's permission) - Jessica Van Ranken to Mimi
13a. (Withheld, pending my youngest sister's permission) - Mimi to Jessica Van Ranken (Facebook wall posts, Lindsborg, Spring 2009)

14. Today, Michael Jackson died. FML - Anonymous submitter (, New York, June 25, 2009) (FML: )

15. Well, attending church is: Super-important. - Chelsy Pollock (Manhattan, KS, Fall 2008)

16. It's all over Wal-Mart. - Chelsy Pollock (Manhattan, KS, Fall 2008)

17. Yes, I did, thank you. Please don't message me anymore. - Mimi (Text-message, Lindsborg, KS, January 19, 2009)

18. Don't you think that in the time that it takes to examine my entire bag, I'll miss my next connecting flight? - Me
18a. Naw, don't you worry, it'll take no more than five minutes. - Unknown U.S. Customs baggage inspector (LAX, Los Angeles, CA, August 9, 2009)

19. I went down to Bompton for a bup of boffee. - British documentary interviewer interviewing a Los Angeles County Sheriff officer (Youtube video, Compton, CA, October 31, 2008) (Youtube video: )

20. You are a good kid! - Shanel Rigby (Manhattan, KS, Spring 2009)

21. Mrs. Dippel is a WITCH!! - Emma Anderson (Facebook, Lindsborg, KS, Spring 2009)

22. (Withheld, pending my youngest sister's permission) - Mimi to Hannah Carlson (Facebook Wall Post, Lindsborg, KS, Spring 2009)

23. Wow, Christian, good memory! I probably said that I wouldn't recommend it. - Cami Webster, over frowning on energy drinks (Facebook Honesty Box message, Manhattan, KS, Summer 2009)

24. I'm going to be in all your classes! No matter what! - Mrs. Charlene Potter (Chapman, KS, Fall 1997)

25. Oh, what happened to you today?! - Mrs. Joan Dawson (Chapman, KS, Spring 1995)

26. Your name is already on the board. - Mrs. Samantha Askew (Chapman, KS, December 1994)

27. Ab-so-lute-ly NOT! - Mrs. Sally Schuler, on observing me shaking my can of Wildwood Cola (Chapman, KS, 1992-1993 school year)

28. Christian is pretty generous! - Mrs. Joan Dawson, on my giving extra toys away to classmates in the end-of-year class auction when we cashed in "points" (an imaginary money system earned by good grades on all our assignments) for toys, and I had enough toys for myself (Chapman, KS, May 1995)

29. Christian, I'm teaching! Sit back down! - Mrs. Cindy Erichsen, when I served detention by working in the "detention cubicle" in her classroom. (At my elementary school, students served detention in classrooms different from their own.) (Chapman, KS, 1992-1993 school year)

30. ...And sorry to bother ya! - Unknown Missouri State Trooper, after letting me go with a Warning for failing to stop at a stop sign. (SW Missouri, May 1, 2009)

(More quotes on this second installment.)

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