Monday, August 24, 2009

EgaoNoGenki's personal THWMLs, Part III (Personal Entry)

(Continued from Part II) Names have been bolded so the taglistees can find where they are.

21. Today, my new teacher is mean. I will call Mrs. Wieters my official Kindergarten teacher, even though she is really only a student teacher's assistant in her last year at K-State. I'll run to Mrs. Wieters for protection, but I still have to put up with that mean old Mrs. Sandborn for the rest of the year. THWML
On 08/24/1990 at 5:05pm - school - by EgaoNoGenki (boy) - United States (Kansas)

22. Today, Mrs. Sandborn grabbed my arm, pulled me aside and lectured me an earful about how I shouldn't have to cross the street to school, since my house was in a part of town that didn't require me to use the crosswalk. She doesn't believe that I have friends from across the street that I visit and play with before school, so I hope that the old hag dies soon. THWML
On 11/16/1990 at 5:05pm - school - by EgaoNoGenki (boy) - United States (Kansas)

23. Today, I decided to tour the other classrooms after school and meet the other teachers, plus the older kids who stayed for an after school project or something. The other teachers were warm and welcoming of me to visit around and talk. Just as I was about to go home however, Mrs. Sandborn dragged me into the copy room, sat me on her lap, and berated me about touring the school. I had enough of her, so I tried to fight back. Now I REALLY hope she dies soon, her being so old. THWML
On 2/7/1991 at 5:05pm - school - by EgaoNoGenki (boy) - United States (Kansas)

24. Today, Mrs. Wieters told me that Mrs. Sandborn "passed away" (meaning that she died) over the summer. I'm only posting this THWML because my angel on my right shoulder told me to post entries of people I knew that died. But honestly, I'm happy that mean old Mrs. Sandborn is finally gone, though she should've died while I was still in Kindergarten. Mrs. Wieters said she went to "Heaven," but she's probably paying for her meanness in the other place. For needing to write this in the first place, THWML
On 8/26/1991 at 5:05pm - school - by EgaoNoGenki (boy) - United States (Kansas)

25. Today, we were assigned numbers in our 4th Grade class. Our new teacher is Mrs. Joan Dawson, and Adam Gobber got assigned LUCKY 7!!! I'm gonna treat him like the brother I've never had and he'll be my best friend for the rest of the year!! Sadly though, he does not appreciate all that attention that I'm giving him. He's gonna try everything he can to spoil my fun. THWML
On 8/18/1994 at 5:05pm - school - by EgaoNoGenki (boy) - United States (Kansas)

26. Today, in our autobiography project at school, we're RHYMING OUR NAMES!!! I kept calling Elizabeth Hamel "Elizabeth Camel" often this year, because I think its funny how they rhyme. I told her, "Hey, you can say SOMETHING about riding camels now!!" She said she would, and I was so thrilled! But she spoiled it: In her first two lines, she said "Elizabeth Hamel, does NOT ride a camel..." Aww, I thought it was gonna be hilarious. Oh well. THWML
On 2/4/1995 at 5:05pm - school - by EgaoNoGenki (boy) - United States (Kansas)

27. Today, we moved into our on-base house. Sadly, we'll only get one TV channel because Dad said cable is too expensive here. My life will get pretty boring in PA. THWML
On 10/6/1995 at 2:27pm - home - by EgaoNoGenki (boy) - United States (Pennsylvania)

28. Today, I started my first day at Fishing Creek Elementary. I got on the computer, but there is no Internet. Also, the computers are the crummy Apple IIgses that were made in the 80s. Now I wish my family hadn't have left Kansas. I know more people back there, the schools' computers were newer, and had Internet. Even school in PA will get boring, too. THWML
On 10/9/1995 at 5:27pm - home - by EgaoNoGenki (boy) - United States (Pennsylvania)

29. Today, Tim McWilliams slowly approached my face, in a weird, alien-ish way. I thought he was going to smell me so I took foaming soap out of the dispenser and smashed them on my shoulders. He said, "And it was gonna be a good secret, too." Then I tried to change his mind and his position wouldn't budge, so I kinda flipped out. Now I'll go back to using those gasoline-diesel inside-slangs that he grew to hate unless he changes his mind. THWML
On 4/4/2004 at 10:27pm - friendships - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

30. Today, Mimi took me off her friends list because she apparently didn't appreciate the way I've been tagging her photos lately. Couldn't she at least have warned me by telling me to stop before she did that? Besides, if we're siblings, we're supposed to be "friends for life." Now I'll have to deal with her in person to get her back on. THWML
On 1/23/2009 at 6:03pm - family - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

(Continued on Part IV)

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