Sunday, August 23, 2009

EgaoNoGenki's personal THWMLs, Part II (Personal Entry)

(Continued from Part I) If you think any of these THWMLs sound pretty childish, please pay attention to the dates.

11. Today, I was playing with my top with daddy. I wanted it to spin longer so I rubbed it against the floor much harder. The top hit daddy's face so hard, he didn't want to play with me anymore. I apologized and begged him to keep playing, but he only took it away and sent me to my room. THWML
On 09/18/1989 at 3:05pm - family - by EgaoNoGenki (boy) - Germany (Darmstadt)

12. Today, I didn't want Mommy to shut the kitchen door on me, so I stuck two of my fingers in the door jamb on the hinges' side, hoping that would force the door to stay open. Needless to say, it was excruciating because the closing door bent my fingers. Mommy had to take me to the hospital. THWML
On 06/02/1987 at 7:30pm - family - by EgaoNoGenki (boy) - United States (Alabama)

13. Today, Mrs. Askew (my Social Studies teacher) asked me a question. I got extra nervous because I wasn't paying attention. Attempting to evade, I told her that "I... forgot!" She explained why it wasn't possible to forget so asked me again. I couldn't answer so she told me to put my name on the board. I explained that I was going to get a Harley-imitation bicycle for Christmas if I didn't get it on the board all month. She didn't relent, so I burst into tears & begged her to change her mind. She said "your name is already on the board" but I didn't stop. My begging tactic didn't work for the rest of the hour. To add insult to injury, the class wasn't sympathetic either so when we returned to Mrs. Dawson's class, half the class blurted out, "He needs to put his name on the board!" Later, Levi Michaelson taunted me about not being able to get that Harley bike now. THWML
On 12/14/1994 at 4:30pm - school - by EgaoNoGenki (boy) - United States (Kansas)

14. Today, Natasha is going to SEMP. Mom was willing to pay for her to go, but wasn't willing to pay for me when I was in high school. I am so embittered by this that I still want to go to SEMP to this day, but Jody Waldrop (my Youth Minister) told me that SEMP is for high schoolers only. I may have to go to a Bible College to become another Youth Minister, in order to fulfill that wish now.
On 06/14/2005 at 4:30pm - religious - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

15. Today, Mom raced up the stairs to give me as little warning as possible in case I was playing a video game when I needed to be asleep. I was playing Sim City 2000, my most favorite game on Super Nintendo. When she came, she threw a fit, ripped the cartridge out, and pitched it to the ground. Now the game won't work anymore. I want to get even, by smashing one of her valuables, but who knows how medieval she'll get on me then. THWML
On 03/08/1997 at 11:30am - games - by EgaoNoGenki (boy) - United States (Kansas)

16. Today, Dillon Roark wanted me to run away from my current church. I explained how difficult it was to leave as whenever I missed church in the preceding Fall, a pair of members would visit my apartment at 5 that afternoon to see if I'm okay, so I deduced that they would do the same if I suddenly started attending another church. Andie snapped enough that she took me off my friends list over this wall response. THWML
On 02/02/2009 at 12:30pm - religious - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

17. Today, while we were at the Omaha Winter Quarters Temple, when Andie was being interviewed by temple servants, she told them her last name was (pronounced) "spraie." However, shortly after we met in August, she said her last name was (pronounced) "spree." I later confronted her about it and she (expectedly) denied it. THWML
On 01/17/2009 at 9:30pm - friendships - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

18. Today, when I asked Andie if she would like to review my Asperger's journal entries to make sure everything seems alright before I post it to the Facebooking public, she didn't want to read them because she was afraid these notes might "agitate" her. She only jumped to this conclusion based on the few posts I made to Facebook that agitated her, while disregarding the many others that were either neutral, or uplifting. I believe this is the same logic as a hiring manager choosing not to hire any member of a racial group anymore, simply because a gang of that racial group mugged her one night. THWML
On 03/08/2009 at 4:30pm - friendships - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

19. Today, I saved my Expos I assignment to a computer in Hale Library, and I remembered EXACTLY where that computer was. I went back to it a few days later, but the file was nowhere to be found. I was later informed that the library computers' hard drives are cleaned out a few times a week. I don't have the money to afford a USB thumb drive. How else can I save my work now? Now that all of my work is lost, I may have to drop this class. THWML
On 10/05/2003 at 6:30pm - school - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

20. Today, my new landlady told me that they don't participate in Section 8. It was hard enough to find a vacant apartment so I can't risk continuing looking for an apartment with subsidized rent. My new apartment is $325/month before utilities, and my SSI is $579/month. I will have to REALLY squeeze my budget because you can figure out how much I have left over. THWML
On 06/30/2005 at 8:30pm - home - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

(Continued on Part III)

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