Sunday, August 23, 2009

EgaoNoGenki's personal THWMLs, Part I (Personal Entry)

THWML: "To Heck With My Life." You can pronounce it "thermal" with a speech impediment.

Directly inspired by the following website:

I have submitted some of these onto the above website. All of my submissions so far, have been rejected. I will not get an inferiority complex out of that because out of thousands of submissions, only 25 or so get accepted every day.

At this time, I will not put them into chronological order because I may think of one from far in the past a few days later, and a recent one within the next five minutes.

1. Today, (Natalya) and I went down to (Collenzae), MO (a 5-hour drive) to rescue (Graham Curry) from his oppressive fiancé. (Graham) promised (Natalya) that everyone would be at work & he'd be home alone. His fiancé was also home, and a live-in friend named (Alva) was, too. We couldn't rescue him & he'll be forced to marry (Mushira) in a week. THWML
On 08/21/2009 at 11:55pm - relationships - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

2. Today, I sent (Laurent Eau'Maere) to patch things up with (Jeanessa Ryndella) and make her my Facebook friend again. (Laurent's) follow-up message sounded promising at first, but I later discovered that (Jeanessa) blocked me because I sent (Laurent.) He has a lot more friends that I do, so I thought he was a good negotiator. Either he isn't, or a completely different action is needed to make amends with (Jeanessa.) THWML
On 09/04/2007 at 1:55am - friendships - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

3. Today, I was informed that I will have Mrs. Charlene Potter follow me around as my "para" for the whole school year. With her unswerving scrutiny, 7th Grade will be like a foreign exchange to North Korea, except that everyone at school will speak perfect English. THWML
On 08/21/1997 at 11:45am - school - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

4. Today, Dad said that I would be living in 502 W 9th, Apartment #2, in Junction City, shortly after my college semester ends. I've seen it before, and it is such a squalid dump I don't think it would even qualify as a tool shed. I would much rather burn it down and sleep in a homeless shelter. THWML
On 05/16/2004 at 1:05pm - life - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

5. Today, I learned from Sarah G. that (Laurent's) statement from Incident 2, "She just needs some space right now," is code for "OMG! I don't want anything to do with him anymore!!!" I thought that there are "clean" blocks if there are "clean" (amicable) divorces. (Jeanessa's) block was like the "dirty" (acrimonious) divorces after all. THWML
On 11/21/2007 at 1:00pm - friendships - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

6. Today, I discovered that (Jeanessa's) fiancé, (Salco DeSpatznio) also blocked me on Facebook. I thought leaving people alone gets them to cool down, but apparently, the rift with (Jeanessa) festered so much that it spread to her fiancé. I now know that I MUST patch things up SOMEHOW, but I don't know how now. THWML
On 10/28/2007 at 7:00pm - friendships - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

7. Today, I thought an Asian-looking guy was genuinely Japanese, so I gave him my Japanese greeting. Andrew A. then rudely informed that he was an adopted Korean from America by the name of Derek Hommel who is studying with the JASIN group. I never heard him talk before, so there was no way of knowing beforehand. When I explained that to Andrew, he said, "Never mind about that; I'm just a hostile guy!" THWML
On 4/5/2008 at 6:00pm - interactions - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - Japan (Nagasaki)

8. Today, I thought Cissy Chen was over her acrimony against me since the June 5th cookout party. After, I have observed no hostility from her every time I walked near her. While walking to my dorm, I heard some faint whispers upstairs & thought that might be Cissy but gave the benefit of the doubt and proceeded upstairs anyway. I climbed cautiously, and when I reached the top, off the left corner, Cissy gave me a very threatening stare. Why did she wait until the last day? She started that stare BEFORE she saw me, so how did she guess it was me? 15-20 other students live on that floor. Do our footsteps give off a rhythm as unique as a fingerprint? Now I have a nagging to send her a reconciliation message on Facebook. THWML
On 7/31/2008 at 8:00pm - relationships - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - Japan (Nagasaki)

9. Today, I rode to Michinou station when Jordan Anderson called to say that a friend screwed up & that I must tell the taxi driver to take me to Urakami-eki, and within 10 minutes. I asked, and the driver said that was "Muri," and took me down anyway, myself not knowing what "Muri" meant at the time. I paid the fare and bought the ticket to Sasebo. I was late for the train, and the next one wasn't for another hour. Jordan told me that "'Muri' means 'impossible.'" Oh, and the taxi fare was ¥2250. THWML
On 6/30/2008 at 11:30pm - money - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - Japan (Nagasaki)

10. Today, it has been 26 days since (Squiyre Threshold) took me off her friends list. When I messaged her about it that day, she claimed that she "probably" took me off by accident, that it happens all the time, and not to read anything into it. Then I re-added her, and I'm still awaiting her friend confirmation. Of my messages since I re-added her, (Squiyre) never responded. I thought she might be too busy for Facebook at first, but I saw her make status updates. She had 147 friends when she "accidentally" took me off; now she has 150. If I took someone off by accident, I would not pass that victim over for three other people. In less than two hours, I will probably see her at church. If I do, it will get pretty awkward. THWML
On 8/23/2009 at 7:07pm - friendships - by EgaoNoGenki (man) - United States (Kansas)

For lengthy reasons, I will only post 10 THWMLs at a time. More to see on Part II.


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  2. Why is it that you think that those things, not even mildly entertaining, showing your obsession with MAKING people like you when that isn't possible (and making you look like a loser) are worth being posted? First of all, people are not required to be your facebook friend, if they decline or delete you, they have reasons and you need to respect that instead to trying to force them to like you. It doesn't work. You cannot make people like you, its time to learn that. Most people do in grade school. Secondly, the things on fml are short, to the point, and entertaining. Your involved, self-absorbed stories aren't. At all. No wonder they don't post your crap.