Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lists of three things I'm grateful for each day, Part 3 (Personal Entry)

(Continued from Part 2; 5 days per part for easier reading.)


1. I'm glad I found the Wonder Hanger at Target; the item seen on TV that saves a LOT of closet space. It was only $9.95 before tax instead of before shipping. See

2. I got to the Howie's recycling center just a few minutes before they closed and got to offload a bunch of waste.

3. I'm getting at-home Wireless Internet from Cox next Thursday for only $27.99/month for 1.5 Mbps downstream. (I got a mail-in brochure from AT&T for wireless internet service and the representative at their phone number told me the same speed would've cost me $34.95 with them.)


1. I applied for a delivery driving position at K-State's printing location at the TecPark, and the prospects look good. He said "I hope to have you on board" and ended with "You do the same" when I told him to have a good day. He'll find out whether the manager will decide to hire a student (me) or an outsider for the job, and give me a call by Tuesday.

2. I got myself a Woolite RugStick, so the Woolite Carpet Cleaner will work better when used with it.

3. There is a "Summer Youth Program" that will "guarantee" jobs for people within a youthful age bracket, and it's a brand-new program that was formed by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Since I'm in the last year of eligibility for this new program, I'll get to work one of their several summer jobs in case I am passed over about the delivery driving position.


1. I got a suit-jacket for half-price at Salvation Army. (It would've been about 5.49 or so) After a lint-roller treatment, it should be good to go.

2. I found myself a new pair of leather dress shoes there too, and it appeared in good condition (save for needing a polish.) Even though it seemed too tight at first (to slip on without having to untie it first,) I took the laces off from the front two lace-rings and now it slips on nicely.

3. The weather sure was nice.


1. I found an 8x10 school picture from KINDERGARTEN!!! It looked to be in nice condition for a picture of that age, and I happened to have a spare 8x10 picture frame to post it on. (Sadly, there's no glass but hopefully I can get a plastic front of that size at Wal-Mart.) I also took pictures of it on digital camera in an attempt to digitally immortalize my 5-year-old self, lest that precious picture gets lost or destroyed.

2. I got to meet with the Elder Missionaries for spiritual advice on the job search. I couldn't remember what was said much, but they wrote down some verses for me to read, which I assume are pertinent to finding employment. I'll get around to it sometime, and hope they're rather valuable advice.

3. They also helped me move in Natasha's stuff from my car into my apartment. I thought there was so much stuff it all looked too daunting to move myself, so I waited until I had a meeting with them in my apartment.


1. I actually got around to finishing that "American Community Survey," some precursor to the 2010 Census that still gathers basic housing characteristic info, much like the Census.

2. I got an unexpected email from Jordan, with some pretty nice updates about his life. (My reply to Jordan:) Jordan, the address is on my profile's Info tab, and as you could see on my previous entries, I may start working this week. I'm also searching for any new way to serve God better and get bigger and better blessings from it.

3. Even though I could say "This is the last entry of the last day I'm doing the daily three things," I'll go back several months and disclose that in the winter time, I got a $300 tax refund check and a $472 LIEAP check to compensate for the exorbitant heating bills in my apartment. (I don't control the thermostat; it's behind a locked box upstairs. Otherwise, I'd just keep it all the way off and use my electric space heater all the time. I don't pay electricity.)

{I don't believe I can keep up with this regimen every day so starting from June 1st, I will have to reduce entries to once per week or less.}

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