Friday, May 22, 2009

Lists of three things I'm grateful for each day, Part 2 (Personal Entry)

(5 days per part for easier reading)


1. Dad is coming home on Sunday.

2. Mom found some locals to mow the lawn at our old house so that I don't have to travel all the way out there to mow it myself.

3. I got all of my laundry done.


1. Mom put some kind of dermatological paste on my face to help me look younger; it was a mix of strawberry paste, lemon paste, and flour, and she claimed it's the same ingredient used in salons in Korea for a ~$120 skin treatment. There was a noticeable difference.

2. My stopwatch still hasn't broken yet.

3. Mom's meals haven't made me sick.


1. At least earthquakes don't happen in Kansas.

2. My car still works well.

3. I got to church on time.


1. Some hired groundsworkers have been making progress on our old home in Chapman; the lawn has been mowed, first off.

2. They cut down plenty of branches on our old Chapman property.

3. And that old, dead tree has finally been cut down at last! (It's on the west side of the front lawn.)


1. I kinda liked seeing plenty of the flags on Memorial Day yesterday.

2. When I had the Bible Study session with the missionary pairs, it was at the scenic City Park. The Memorial Day band played some fine music that day. (Amazing Grace was one of them.)

3. I liked some of the things I saw at the brand-new Bed, Bath, & Beyond store. I wish I could have that latest Roomba robot vac...

(Continued on Part 3)

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