Monday, May 18, 2009

Lists of three things I'm grateful for each day (Personal Entry)

Foreword: The Missionary Pairs and my mother told me to write three positive things that I can think of each day. They have to be different every time.

Also, Mom told me three methods to turn my life into a success:

1. Exercise for 30 minutes outside each day. It can be by walking, jogging, biking, or any kind of exercise activity as long as the sun shines. The sun brings us Vitamin D, and Serotonin, which would improve our moods. I know I need a lot of both, so as long as the sun shines, every day is a good day to exercise. If it's overcast or raining, I can forget it that day.

2. Be punctual.

3. Write 3 positive things you can think of every day!

Mom "guarantees" that I will have a more successful life and land a respectable, well-paying job if I stick to this regimen.

Therefore, LET'S START!:


1. I took a good amount of pictures from both of my sisters' graduations.

2. I enjoyed the "Pizza Mia" pizzas we had to celebrate Mimi's graduation this weekend.

3. I got to watch TV again for the first time in a long time.


1. The Sunday School teachers (for the home-visiting college students) at my family's church were a positive set of people.

2. I got paid $100 on Saturday to help a family friend list a combine for sale. (I got the check, but haven't had the opportunity to cash it in yet as of typing time.)

3. I cut a LOT of weeds (and weed-trees) in our back yard today, feeling a bit more satisfied that the yard looks a little nicer now.


1. Despite being slowed down by a "Road Closed" construction zone on a county road that led to the highway, I was still able to get to the job interview about 5-7 minutes early. (If it hadn't have been for the construction zone, I would have been 15 minutes early, but I was still early nonetheless.)

2. After cashing a check in Newton on the way home, as I was leaving Newton, I successfully evaded a cop. I caught myself going 38 in a 30 when a cop passed me. He immediately turned on his take-down lights but didn't quite make a U-Turn so I quickly took a turn at the next cross street and lost myself in some side-streets for a few minutes. When I went back to the street I was on, the cop was nowhere to be seen.

3. On the day of the interview, the allergies of the previous night were gone. I didn't have to worry about spreading the cold to the interviewers.


1. I'm thankful for the time & energy to take the weeds out, and I feel a bit more satisfied in taking a lot more weed out of our yard today.

2. Even though I only slept for three hours, I somehow kept the energy to stay up and not feel tired enough into wanting an afternoon nap.

3. I survived another semester at K-State in good academic standing and will get to attend in the Fall.


1. When I watched "Clean House: The Messiest Home In The Country," I was glad that my and my family's home wasn't anything like the home I saw.

2. At least I'm not homeless.

3. I still have my laptop.

(Continued on Part 2)

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