Monday, April 20, 2009

Isn't Life Too High-Maintenance? (Personal Entry)

My '01 Honda Accord just surpassed 120,000 miles. In the meantime, I had to re-air three of my tires and every so often, a "Maint. Req'd" light comes on. It's a fine milestone at all, but it's nothing to celebrate about because I know that as the car gets older, it'll need maintenance more often and/or in bigger things.

I've been depressed lately because there's plenty to be depressed about. Too many people alienated, too many mistakes made, and too much to maintain in life.

How often do I need to dust and re-spray floors, etc. around my apartment?
How often do I receive mail and need to read and throw it to the recycler?
How often should I keep everything maintained?

This is getting to feel like too much. I've been overwhelmed with so much to do around the apartment.

Paper Waste Management

For example: I've hoarded mail that I intend to read but never get around to reading. It has gotten to become so much that I've decided to become a digital packrat. Thank the Lord our God for finally making me uncomfortable with having hoarded paper waste! What I mean by becoming a digital packrat is by taking pictures of mail I intend to read, and then putting them in a recycle-box.

I got a digital camera with a specific "text mode" just for that, and so far, I have taken over 300 pictures of the paper waste (that I intend to read later.) This way, I am striving to maintain a clutter-free living space.

Man, I have so much more to sort and take care of even after the last of the paper waste is gone. For example, there are some books I have to find in my shelves that I'll not intend to read; I'll have to donate them to the Salvation Army or the Hale Library. (Hopefully they'll take most anything.) I really, really wish we had a "hyper-scanner" that could scan an entire book in one fell swoop instead of two pages at a time like today's scanners scan.

Gladly, I've moved to electronic statements and other electronic alternatives to paper waste. Paper is just more trouble than it's worth, so there comes a turnaround in my life. I have to maintain too many other things in life as it is - my body, my apartment's cleanliness, my car, and so much more.

Man, the overwhelming scope of it all has been responsible (partly) for my depression. I can hope and really pray that it all becomes more manageable and less of a depressor to my life. Boy, if only life was low-maintenance!

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