Thursday, June 04, 2009

What I almost posted to the newsfeed, but didn't. (Personal Entry)

I almost posted what is now entry #1 on this note today, because as I got done typing, I had second thoughts. I felt more comfortable posting it here instead, as it takes more effort for someone to get to and read a note like this one, whereas the main newsfeed's stories post immediately, therefore taking less effort to read. Since this note takes a few mouse-clicks to get to in the first place, less people will read it. Now...

Status Updates I Almost Posted To The Newsfeed:

1. ...thinks the world of intensive body language, inflections and other related subtleties are Way too much to bear! He's waiting for the day an age-reversing magic bullet arrives that will turn him back to the height and appearance of the boy on the profile picture.

2. ...has now figured out a way to cope with rejection - write about it in a note, but give the rejector an alias. (Unless the event was exceptionally painful that the rejector does not deserve an alias. Which in that case, I may set that note's privacy settings so only a few trusted friends read it.)

3. To any fellow Kansan: Will you ask for his or her number tonight? Beware of 785-875-3188 - that is the REJECTION HOTLINE NUMBER. (Found here: )

So if s/he gives you that number, dial it immediately, tell him/her that you're going to call it right now so s/he can get your phone number on his/her caller ID, and put your call on Speakerphone.

4. ...wonders how anybody with Autism/Asperger's will get a job, since eye-contact matters a lot in an interview, and is what Auties/Aspies anywhere have an issue with.

5. ...had a dream last night that he didn't show up for work, and told his boss the next day that his great-grandparent died, and where the funeral home was. So his boss sent flowers to a funeral home. The flowers were returned, so the boss took me into his office and gave me a big earful.

6. (More to come...)

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