Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Planned Jokemaster Joke for Toastmasters meeting on 3-3-2009 (Personal Entry)

Fellow Toastmasters, before I see you at TM at 6 PM today, I need to know whether this joke will fly. I saw on our schedule sheet that I was assigned as the Joke Master today, and I need to find a good enough joke.

I'll ask some friends at my Institute or elsewhere for some backup jokes, just in case.

Friend 1 says, "You know Gregory over there? His hand-eye coordination is shot to heck somehow. He can't catch a baseball, a football, or a basketball."

Friend 2 retorts, "Yeah, he couldn't even catch a cold! I heard that when he tried to apply for the Air Force, he got a vision test and they told him he lacked depth perception, so Talia was picked instead of Greg."

Then says Friend 1, "Well, what makes Talia stand out better?"

(edited line moved)

Friend 2 says, "Well Talia is rather organized, and has great memory. She can't lose her thoughts, we never knew her to lose her keys, or anything for that matter. Talia also doesn't seem to lose debates, nor other contests I've seen her compete in.

Then Friend 1 replies, "Yeah. She can't seem to lose anything! She couldn't even lose weight if she tried!"

(edited) Turns out though, Talia had approached both friends from behind, a minute earlier, and only alerted them to her presence by clearing her throat just now.

At 5 in the morning, I thought this could be a possible joke, but I thought I'd run it by you all first before I gave it at Toastmasters.

The "Yeah, he couldn't even catch a cold!" is a punchline-builder, a preview, if you will, for the actual punchline, which is intended to be "She couldn't even lose weight if she tried!"

I've never considered myself strong on jokes, as its delivery (not what you say, but how you say it) matters more than the joke itself, and I'm mostly only funny unintentionally. I learned why saying the same joke, word-for-word, that I listened to someone else say in middle school, didn't procure the same good results that the original joke-teller made. That's because it was "all in the delivery."

I never asked to be a Joke Master for any week Toastmasters meets, but someone appointed me one for this week anyway so I must try to hone whatever I have for my joking abilities and run it by some people before committing it to the club.


  1. Did u do it, go and tell joke, I mean? Tell me how it went if u did, I'm curious.

  2. I just did today. How would it have sounded to you?