Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I have FOUND Sister Enrico, and will hereby reveal her original first name! Here's the story: (Personal Entry)

I may as well paste the private message to her that she'll read in nine months, when she's through with her mission. It'll explain how I found her.

I only recall borrowing her Bible once during our sessions, where I saw her full, original name etched on the cover. Unfortunately, I eventually forgot what hers was, but did remember that it was a little short. Her first name couldn't have had more than four or five letters.

By the way, she is leaving tomorrow to be transferred to the Liberty, MO Visitor's Center where she'll be some kind of museum curator. Please visit her sometime!

(Note that the privacy settings only allow for Church Friends and Former Missionaries to read this note. I do not see how this should pertain to any other friend group.)

For the record, this is her public search page. See the woman on our right? Oh, how well she resembles our sister!:

Now, the message:

TITLE: "So Dear Sister Enrico, here is how I FINALLY found you. :)"

"I hadn't thought of this search tactic until tonight. The trick was not to use Facebook's search. (Your last name happening to be guys' first names really tripped me up for a time, but I'm sure you'll remember that when you return from your mission this December.)

On Google, I searched with this string: enrico "salt lake"

Then I narrowed you down in no more than five minutes. Sure, I had to search through several gals surnamed Enrico but when I went to examine your listing, your facial construction, hair and other things about you, matched the description of the sister who served our branch. (Even though the image wasn't large enough, the woman on your right looked a lot like you.)

It was fun having you serve our Manhattan, KS University Branch from December to March. You remember when I said I saw your Bible once, and your name etched on it, but my memory didn't hold for long? What I DID remember was that your name was pretty short; couldn't have been more than 4-5 letters. I thought it was Ella or Elly, but one of my guesses ended in an "A" and your name is just as short, so that's also how I knew you were our sister missionary! =D

Now when I give my testimony of having stuck with the church after choosing the path on my "Crossroads," I can just post its video onto my profile (as long as I didn't forget to make a video) so you can watch and enjoy it.

I hope to correspond with you sometime when you return! In the meantime, have a most fulfilling time in the remainder of your mission!

Your Brother in Christ,


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