Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The subject over failing 98% of the time could be the basis for a sermon or testimony. Here's why: (Personal Entry)

I once saw the following status update on Facebook:

Joel is "why do i try when you fail 98% of the time." 9:08pm

Then someone replied:

Tara S. at 9:14pm January 23 via Facebook Mobile
"Dont give up!!! =)"

I made another reply:

Christian at 10:17pm January 23
"Edison made about 10,000 attempts before making a viable light bulb. His fail rate was therefore over 99.99%. If you tried inventing something with a 98% fail rate in your efforts, you'd succeed after just 50 tries."

Then someone replied again:

Tara S. at 10:19pm January 23 via Facebook Mobile
"Hahahaha i couldnt have said it better myself....good job =)"

So the lesson of this session is: Don't get discouraged by high fail rates. If Thomas Edison was, we'd very likely remain stuck in the 3rd World ourselves.

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