Saturday, December 06, 2008

Why I would've liked to be born in the year 2000. (Reasons 21-40) (Personal Entry)

This is the second installment of a 100-reason series. (At least.)

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21. Schools and etc. now have more resources to help kids get farther along in their personal developments than they did when I was a kid.

22. I would get to love Pokémon and not get socially backlashed for childish interests.

23. Classmates and peers would NOT hold grudges for as long as they do now.

24. "Jeanessa DeSpatznio (nee Ryndella)" betrayed me. (She may be more amicable to a millennium kid. Or she may inherently be an authoritarian hag who wouldn't be any kinder to them.)

25. "Salco DeSpatznio" also betrayed me, even though he's never met nor talked to me before. He heard pretty much everything from "Jeanessa." (He may also be more amicable to a millennium kid. Or he may inherently be an authoritarian grump who wouldn't be any kinder to them, but it's doubtful because I don't think that's the character of an aspiring optometrist.)

26. It is easier to get on anybody's more charitable side as a kid. An adult would have to be deft in the art of persuasion to do the same!

27. "Melhan Dapponary" betrayed me. (Though it was a little less severe than "Jeanessa's" betrayal.)
(She may be more amicable to a millennium kid. Or she may inherently be an authoritarian hag who wouldn't be any kinder to them.)

28. If a kid earns allowances based on the grades he gets on his school assignments, that would give me the best incentive to do my best in school!

29. I favor short-term incentives all too well. I don't like to wait for long-term rewards all that much, and short-term rewards were more abundant in childhood.

30. I REALLY love the "twofer" fashion scheme. (At least I think they're called "twofers.") That fashion wasn't as well-known when I was a kid, but more common now. I'd want to wear shirts like that much of the time! Now I believe it is a "fashion crime" for college men to wear that! Examples below:

---30a. 2fer sample 1:

---30b. 2fer sample 2:

---30c. 2fer sample 3:

---30d. 2fer sample 4:

31. The ballpits of Chuck E. Cheese's and any other kids' establishments, were hard to tire of.

32. The last time I was at Chuck E. Cheese's, I still never got bored of it.

33. I've been more comfortable as a follower than a leader, and whereas I'm starting to be forced to do what I don't like all that much, being a follower was a wonderful ideal back in childhood.

34. Children's/Youth Ministries aren't something anyone dozes off in often. They keep providing fun ways to worship and grow in The Lord.

35. There were too many youth summer camps I didn't go to when I was a kid; I found myself rotting and bored out of my mind throughout the summers many times.

36. Thanks to the wonderful Internet, a millennium kid can find some good youth camps for his parents to send him to, if they don't take the initiative to find the camps for him in the first place. (More kids that age get savvier at the computer these days.)

37. There were less pathological liars; even if the truth was hurtful, at least they told it like it is so that the kids they told it to would know what not to do next time.

38. Even if a few kids pathologically lied, it was easier to tell whether one lied, and easier to blurt back how they were lying.

39. Kids are physically lower-maintenance (shaving, etc.)

40. There is less stress in a kid's life, therefore (usually) less violent thoughts and tendencies coming from these stresses.

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