Thursday, December 04, 2008

Today, I have crossed a BIG milestone! I now have 500 FRIENDS!! (Personal Entry)

Feeling of Acceptance

This has been quite a LONG time coming. I've been on Facebook since about the December of '04, I believe Lindsey Snider (nee Altwegg) was my 1st friend here, and now, I feel better about myself because having 500 friends makes me feel so accepted! I don't know whether I've ever felt more accepted in my life!

I never dreamed of this back in the day.

When I was in Elementary and Middle school, I never dreamed I could have this many friends! (Even less so in Middle than in Elementary.) In high school, (especially after I quit wrestling,) I started to reckon that I'd be able to gain many more friends as people mature and I age beyond my teens.

Just a few people I've never met in real life before.

Sure, there are a few people whom I've never met in real life nor online who just randomly found and added me, but they were only a few so it's not that big an issue. Others whom I've never met in real life, I've had dialogue with online prior to adding as a friend.

I am to make anyone feel better; I never take friends off my list

Moreover, I've NEVER taken anyone off my friends list. I want to show everyone that I'm amicable and not cruel; that I want everybody to feel good. (Most everyone, anyway. If some guy is from the Hell's Angels biker gang and have a bully-like disposition, I can just keep away from them and hope they find God, become more personable, and turn their lives around.)

Overcoming adversity

There is a BIG adversity that shapes the way I am - my personality, disposition, etc., that I will not reveal until I have around 510 friends (or a little after.) For a long time, this adversity caused me not to think in my wildest dreams that I'd exceed 500 friends, but just as Helen Keller, Stephen Hawking, and many other luminaries with adversities did, I can overcome mine as well.

My 500th Friend

The honor of being my 500th friend goes to:

Becca Johnson!

She's from my church - that institute right across the street from Goodnow Hall. Maybe we've talked, but I'm sure we've seen each other. Anyway, if I haven't talked face-to-face with my church friends yet, I will sooner or later, just from being at church and going to church activities. Isn't God such a graceful, giving God?

I asked the Missionaries to bring Becca along for the next Bible study session so we can get to know my 500th friend better.


My self-esteem will improve from this, and so should my self-confidence. Beyond the 510th (and the notes that should come along from adding my 510th,) I do not have any more milestones to care for. 500 is quite nice as it is.

Some people say I sound too careful with how I talk, and that I should relax when I do. I'll move that towards the front of my mind now, and let more of my "me" out. See how anyone likes me for how I really am, and not just how I best present myself. (If I slip back below 500 for any reason though, I'll revert to the old ways until I exceed 500 again.)

That ought to be it for now. Have a good weekend.


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