Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A series of funny, uplifting, and serious LDS missionary videos: (Personal Entry)

Foreword: Former missionaries, I'll not post that one video yet that we've gone over privately. I'll still wait for your go-ahead. (Update: Jordan has spoken. I'll not post that missionary-parodying video I pre-screened to him after all.)

Now here is a collection of LDS missionary videos. They could be funny, uplifting, serious, or simply moving. One of them isn't about missionaries themselves but it concerned me enough to post it here. :

"Some Postman (funny LDS Mormon Missionaries) Ted Sowards - LDSFF 2007" - (Music video - gave me a good laugh)

"Day in the life of an LDS missionary" - (Music video - puts a nice smile on me)

"Mormon Missionaries get revenge" - (So someone tackles and tries to steal a missionary's bike. I didn't know missionaries were allowed to FIGHT, but if they NEED to defend themselves, then they defend themselves. They did, and won. Go missionaries!)

"Crazy kid tackles Mormon Missionary" - (By the power of God, the kid just bounces like he would off a rubber wall.)

"Axe, 'Mormon' Commercial" - (I don't know why somebody decided to put a missionary in here, but the missionary's portrayal looks ridiculous enough to be funny.)

"Mormon Missionaries" - (Nothing humorous but this is still a nice music slideshow. The song has a potential to "move" viewers.)

"don't mess with the missionaries!" - (Some random video the missionaries made themselves just 'cause they were bored.)

-(Umm... NO COMMENT!!!!!)- - (My decision to post this was hard to make, but it's here now. I don't know how much others' opinions of me will change from THIS video, but my feelings over it are so complicated, maybe if you watch this, you might feel the same way.)

"mormon missionaries cribs" - (Some missionaries live pretty well!)

"Excommunicated from The Mormons" - (NOTHING TO DO WITH MISSIONARIES, but something that I thought I ought to post. Serious, deep video. Wow. Posting this here could get Pastor Mike Wangsgaard to have a word with me.)

"Hot Vegas Mormons" - (Sometimes, it takes looking hot and having good guy-to-gal charm to send them to our churches.)

"Mormon Humanitarian Aid" - (Finally, let's end this note on a good journal. Or should I say, let's end this journal on a good note. The tune and the depictions herein truly do move me. I wonder about that $1.01 billion figure though- is that in the 170+ years of the church's history, or in a recent period, like in the past 10-20 years?)


At first, I thought I ought to have Anderson and Matheson review it first before posting this to the rest of the church friends, but figured I ought to man up and have nerves of aluminum alloy. (Steel is cliché.)
Sure, I may have tried to stem the tide of aging lately, believing I'm growing too old, too fast, but social currents pull me in opposite directions. (So it's like I'm getting ripped down the middle.)

Facebook is a place to speak minds, sometimes more freely than in real life, so why don't I unhook my own fetters. Enjoy the vids, and have a Merry Christmas.

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