Tuesday, December 23, 2008

(Former) Missionaries, should I publicize this video & my take... (Personal Entry)

...on it?

Foreword: Privacy settings are currently set to only allow Jordan, Stephen, and Chelsy to read this journal entry. I streamlined this note to under 750 words for your reading ease.

How a parody of what we're about could be funny

I'm thinking about publicizing the fact that I find an Anti-Prop 8 video funny. It's funny in how the missionaries were ridiculously portrayed.

If someone makes a parody of something I'm familiar with, I'll probably find it funny. If a parody goes against what we stand for, or twists it in particular ways, I'll either get turned off, or find it funny as well. (I don't know what makes me decide whether to get turned off by it, or laugh at it.)

Your opinions on the video?

Jordan and Steve, if I’d learned of this video while in Japan, I’d have shown it to you both to hear your opinions on it. I’d have loved to hear it from the Missionaries themselves! Anyway, what are your thoughts upon seeing this?

Chelsy, if you had allowed me to show it to you after the Boyd Hall Bible Study, what would you have said? (I got to show it to Cami right after. This was several weeks before you left. Did she ever discuss it with you?)

What I plan to do with the video

After I get your opinions (and whether it's "safe" to show,) I’ll let others from our Institute (anyone under the "Church Friends" sub-list) see it by extending the privacy settings accordingly.

Even though this may parody us LDSers directly, I keep itching to hear/read the opinions from fellow LDSers about this video. If you strongly discourage me from sharing it with all of them, I'll tone it down; reading your own opinions might be enough.


I used to openly hate fags up through parts of high school, but after going through lots of social hardships and being bullied, I've learned that gays are very much like people too, AND capable of giving us hardships just as much as straight people are. After having many hardships thrown my way all these years, I've learned to be more accepting to a wider set of demographics, not to be so selective of friends, and be more open to most everybody.

Treating gays with respect gave me respect in return, and my past hardships made me decide to test new waters with people I've been closed-minded to beforehand. If I treat gays right, they'll treat me right and not give me trouble. Even in the present day enough troubles linger in my mind - hurtful thoughts others have given me and all.

Spiel over; here’s my point: I am indifferent to Prop 8; I'd ABSTAIN from the vote.

I'm too fed up of letting any more people (and demographics thereof) hate me and give me trouble, so acceptance of more demographics helps my case, from the looks of things.

All that matters, however, is that homosexuals don't force themselves on me. If they respect my straightness, all will be well.

Conclusion: Some things about myself

You may think it's atypical for a fellow Mormon to find an anti-Prop 8 video funny, but inherent eccentricities cause me to look at, interpret, and take things differently.

Other Mormons may think it completely differently, but the comic ridiculousness of the portrayal in the vid was what I first thought of upon watching this. I can't explain why now, but it’s possibly like asking, "why'd you feel what you felt when you first saw the video?"

I’m not yet ready to explain how something about me could make me feel this way. I had planned to submit other entries about what I have that makes me how I am, once I had 510 friends. However, after conferring with a trusted website first, they recommended against it so it’s been put on hold until I'm sure I'm ready.

The name of the website I conferred with could cause me to reveal too much about myself (in the meantime) but here’s a hint: It's something to do with what it's like to be on an incorrect ball of rock. If you solve the website’s identity yourselves, many praises to you.

PS: Chelsy, I tried to find Emma Watson here but I can’t find the correct Emma Watson on the search results. I never learned Sister Harringer's first name. Would you please let me know?

Now, the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q28UwAyzUkE

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