Sunday, December 21, 2008

There is no Contemporary music at Institute. I miss it so badly. (Personal Entry)

(I have set this note so that only the friends under the "Church Friends" list would be able to read this post. Most of you are from the LDS institute across the street from Goodnow Hall, but there are some friends on this list from my previous church(es).

I think it's too much effort to diverge this list onto a separate LDS list, so I extend an invitation to non-LDSers on this list to read it as well. Non-LDSers may be more familiar with the subject-matter below.)

I thought a recent wall post would also do good as a Note post. This has been slightly altered for reasons you could figure out on your own.

Some of you wondered about my updated religious views.

I miss the contemporary Christian music: Jars of Clay, SONICFLOOd, Delirious?, Caedmon's Call, & other great Christian Pop groups. Golly, how I badly miss them. All we sing at Institute are hymns that are at least a century old. -_-

You've probably never heard of these Christian Pop groups, but they're on the WOW Worship albums here: (The AWESOME thing about the site is you get to hear 30-second previews for each song! It auto-starts when you load the page, and keeps going through the lists.)

See? THOSE songs uplift me to euphoria. I sang these in a high school youth group at my old church & at Navigators, an on-campus (mainstream) Christian club I attended before leaving for Japan.

So this is one of the reasons why I'm only LDS in Manhattan but another Christian somewhere else. I'm still too deeply rooted in the mainstream denominations.

I suppose you could share this w/ the missionaries if you wish & maybe discuss this w/ me face-to-face at Institute or wherever I have a missionary Bible Study session.

PS: Chelsy, didn't I tell you about how I miss this music?

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