Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Facebook Reunion of the old High School Peer Group (Personal Entry)

All the people tagged here knows what the peer group was about because we were a part of it. I horribly missed you all ever since I/we left high school.

In retrospect, I was far from ready to leave, but times were stormy with my parents back then so they were sympathetic with my (impulsed) desires to attempt to live on my own. That was a huge flop (at least until I finally had it done right in '05.) I wanted to grow faster back in my senior year, but should have looked at some wider scopes of things and reconsidered. If I hadn't have graduated at semester, how would I be different today?

I wonder what Mrs. April Counts is doing nowadays; probably the same job.

Moreover, I will have to confess a large, 6-year-old secret to Mrs. Judy Smith, my ACA teacher that year. (Advanced Computer Applications.) If she has since retired, I will need to know where to find her because I only intend to confess it to her in person.

Right after I got home for Christmas, I thought of how I could get the old peer group together electronically for nostalgia's sakes, and etc..

Did I miss anybody on the Taglist who was in our peer group? Let me know if you recall anyone.

Anyway, this was something I thought I'd post in time for a holiday when we reunite with old friends and loved ones. I send out a heartful wish for you all to have a very Merry Christmas.


*Mark Birch is Erik's older brother; class of '99. Erik was '01, and is presently nowhere on Facebook. I have no idea what Erik does with his life today, so until we can find Erik Birch here, Mark is his placeholder in the meantime. Yay! Erik joined! I have now replaced Mark with Erik.

*I'm 70% sure Casie was in our peer group too. Was she really?

*Same for Brandi, with Casie's case.

*And for Lindy, with Brandi's case.

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