Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A dungeon in the outer void! (Personal Gaming Entry)

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Space becomes "void" in Sanctuarian parlance. Space exploration = Void exploration. Outer space = Outer void. Spaceships = Voidships. Space stations = Void stations, and etc.

[[Arcane Sanctuary|This floating dungeon in the outer void]] has been the most expansive "dungeon" I have EVER seen in my adventures! I thought it took so long to run from one end of this fighting space-labyrinth to another, I really wished I could have a possessive spell to mind-control the [[Specter]]s so they could air-ferry me across the area in a hurry.

Anyway, the background looks very much like outer void, yet I do not see any planets! I was hoping this remote floating, open labyrinth would be somewhere in orbit above [[Planet Sanctuary]] but apparently it's light-years away from our solar system.

The air and its temperature is as very much present as it is back in Lut Gholein, except it's not so hot and our star doesn't glare down on us. (Maybe it's somewhere in the background, but I can't pick out which star holds our Sanctuary.) I do NOT know how the air remains present in the otherwise vacuumed harshness of void! Perhaps an everlasting "force field" spell keeps the air in, allowing for demons and man alike to keep breathing and fighting each other. (Specters probably don't need air but without this "force field," they would get sucked out into the timeless depths of the void.

I might very well be one of the first "astronauts;" void explorers, but I do not think this is "official" until we gain the technology to break through this force field, wear self-contained suits, and fly in man-made "voidships" directly from Sanctuary rather than walk through portals. To advance our society to enter space without magic will probably not happen for 700 years hence! (Now the [[year]] is [[1266]]; let us hope my descendants; the Socunas of 1966, will find my journal in a vault somewhere and make my name known again across civilization: Chileth Socuna - the predictor of voidflight!) --[[User:ENG|ENG]] 05:53, 30 December 2008 (UTC)

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