Saturday, November 01, 2008

In some video games, you SEE "relationship points" get added... (Personal Entry)

"Nice shirt. I voted for him too!" (+12 points are added to your Relationship Score.)

This occurred to me just about now, and I thought I'd record my thoughts to history before it left my mind again. This note should be briefer than my usual ones.

You know how on some video games, if you say something the other video game character wants to hear, you see plus-points appear right above their head. (It could say "+3," "+15," or "+30" depending on how much s/he liked what you said. The heading gives an example.) Also, what you do in front of the said character will also determine how many "relationship points" get added or taken from you with the said character. The current total relationship points tell you exactly where you stand with that person.

(0, in perspective, would be neutral; you haven't met yet. If you walk by someone you don't know, and upon noticing you for the first time, minus-points appear above their head, which likely means you look ugly to the person, your ethnicity isn't one their favorites, you're wearing bad fashion, or anything visual about you or that you have on you is off-putting. If you make a good first impression upon introducing yourselves, you get a number of plus points.)

A huge reason why I want relationship points to appear above anyone I see

I want to see that in real life. In many cases, a relationship can end without warning. When everything seems fine with each other one day; the next, that person can email you saying they're breaking off whatever the relationship was with you. Often there just isn't a way to discern whether you just "added" or "took off" relationship points with that person. They can hide feelings about your words and actions very well. Until it's too late, that is.

We can see realtime "relationship points" in real life, coming Fall 2020

If only we could have a HUD on our contact lens/glasses that would show EXACTLY that. We would know whether what we just said hurt or helped our relationship IMMEDIATELY. Life would be far easier. This may come by the time the millennium children hit college.

(If only I was born in the nice, round year of 2000; besides the gas (or hydrogen, biodiesel?) prices by the time I drive in 2015/2016 & the tuition expense by the time I enter college in 2018, I would have life a lot easier than a half-generation earlier. Everyone will (hopefully) wear contact lenses with HUDs by then, and have healthier social lives with it.)

This should be all I have to say about it. For now. I ought set a limit to only 1,000 words per Note.

Reference link: "Bionic Contact Lenses" - Time Magazine

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