Friday, October 31, 2008

If only I could have found that hooded phantom robe. Then I... (Personal Entry)

I had a hooded phantom robe costume a long time ago, but I haven't seen it. I tried to buy one from three stores tonight but they no longer had them available. I didn't want to put on those nasty looking rotted-skeleton (and other) hoods.

That hooded phantom makes me look like a type of unseen calm guy. It had a black mesh that would not have let others see my face.

I was invited to a party at the house of someone from my church. I told her I'll think about it; I'll only come if I can find a costume. She said I could come and be myself; not everyone's wearing a costume. Well, I'm not happy with being myself, at least not on Halloween. (Any other time in the year depends on how things are going at that time.) It wouldn't be as much fun for me.

Here's what I would've done if I had found the costume:

I would've gone to Heidi's party and used a fake East Indian (Hindi) accent. I would've given myself an alias 16 letters long on the first name, 11 letters long on the last. Of course we know of no Hindi executioners in history who wore hooded phantom robes like the executioners of the Tower of London would, but it would help further protect my anonymity since some will still know me from my voice.

Then I would ask questions that I'd be afraid to when my face is seen, like to Tommy May: "So, how would you feel if you learned that one of your friends had (classified condition), a form of (condition related to said classified condition)? What would you think of the guy? Would you still like him or upon learning this, would you view him as too (giveaway adjective) to associate with you?"

(Note that I only plan to reveal my "classified condition" upon having 510 friends on Facebook. Not the nice, round number of 500 because I expect 10 narrow-minded people to take me off their friend list and I'd like to stay above 500 regardless once I get there. Right now I have 467 as of the last time I checked, so I have just 43 more to add until I reach that goal. I'm especially counting on the people from my Church to help me reach it sooner. Why 510 and not any other # of friends, one might ask? Because I would feel better about myself and have higher self-esteem in knowing I'm accepted by many, especially for who I am.)

Moreover, I'd ask Andrea (forgotten last name, but the blondish Sophomore who brought her boyfriend along with the Missionaries to help me unpack in September:) "I heard that you had helped a new guy unpack his apartment after he came from some study abroad trip. Sometimes when we help others unpack, we find strange things in their packings. Did you notice anything strange when you helped that guy? And what was his name again? I just know that he's a somewhat tall guy, black hair with a little gray shooting through."

Then she'd either divulge all, or figure out that it's me.

I would have been more open and outgoing with everyone there because without seeing my face nor hearing my voice, I WOULD HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!!! :D They would not tie their memories of someone talking in an anonymously-hooded robe, to me. I would have started November 1st with a squeaky clean slate (for the most part, for those who wouldn't have figured out who I was) and they'd not know that I was the one in that hooded phantom costume, so it would be like I was never there.

I'd gain a lot of insight from people that I wouldn't have with my face shown, and feel so good about that night overall.

I would also ask whoever was available on a whim, "Do you think I should be this outgoing all the time even without a mask on or is it best that I be so careful that I keep approaching social situations like exams like I usually have?"

I suppose this opportunity will come again in some kind of winter party, where wearing a ski mask is perfectly justified. (Maybe some kind of outdoor winter party though.) In this case though, I'd have to wear sunglasses because Brett Gartrell was able to tell me through my winter mask the other winter just because my eyes were that unique to him. (Brett, would you still have guessed me out if I had worn sunglasses that day?)

If only I could be like this anytime I wanted, but I'd have to live in Barrow, Alaska to do that (because that's one of the only few places on Earth where wearing a ski-mask is justified all year-round.)

Have a happy Halloween night. If only I could get to celebrate with you all, while having the same amount of fun.

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