Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Planned Novels 1 - "The Second Childhood" (Personal Entry)

My planned novels range from Sci-Fi to Alternate History and Mysterious Fiction. (That last genre I'm not sure about.)

I write these novels to feel better about myself, to express a lot about myself, to get lots off my chest, to bring my creative energies out into the open, and to hopefully make a living off of these future novels' royalties. In what I write is what I wish to have, hope to have, want to achieve, and other similar desires.

What are your analyses of these novels in progress?

The novels are:

The Second Childhood

This is the title for a series of many novels. (Several or many; I'm unsure at this point.)

Plot Summary

More than a decade in the future, a 35-year-old US Consulate employee buys a brand-new Holoroom at the local Best Buy, a recently-opened electronics department store in Sariwon, ROK.

After installing, testing, and making use of the bodily shape-shifting program, he embarks on a virtual 2nd Childhood as 5-year-old Tanaka. (The first day is Tanaka's 5th Birthday in a different time-period from outside the Holoroom- January 1, 2005.) He spends years on the Holoroom growing up the 2nd time while only hours pass outside of it, thanks to the "Time Dilator" accessory. (1 year inside the Holoroom = 1 hour outside.)

Retaining his adult knowledge, intellectuality, and judgment capacity, he takes the most advantage of whatever childhood has to offer, and scores a 431 on an IQ test.

After the test, he tells school officials that completely skipping grades will omit vital parts of his childhood, so he convinces them to have him stay in a grade every 2 weeks, then advance to a higher grade level. Once he's in middle middle school, administrators have Tanaka stay in a grade every 3 weeks. By the end of the year, he has finished 2/3rds of 8th Grade. He hasn't quite made it to high school at this point but this feels good enough for him.

When he participates in the Spelling and Geography Bees, he of course makes it to the National levels. (Whether he wins or not is undecided at this time.)

After a summer of a lot of fun & fulfilling summer camps, vacations, and what-not, his family flies to Japan to visit an aunt, uncle, and cousins. Tanaka wants to feel a childhood in more than one country and feel what it's like to be an "average" kid again. Thanks to a language barrier, he does become an average Kindergartener again. (Save for his abilities in Math, English, and other subjects that he has an expertise on, no matter what part of the world he's in.)

He falls in love with a lot of what a Japanese childhood has to offer, but there are other things that makes him tired of Japan as well. The toys and the other things he likes are pretty expensive for him. Despite the allowances he earns from good grades in school, he still ill-affords many things that he wants. Moreover, there are other rules, events, and parts of his life in Japan that makes Japan feel like a difficult country to live in for Tanaka.

Once his school year is over in Japan, he goes on some vacations with his family and a few summer camps. His original family from Vitality Glen, NY visits the Japanese family again. The reunion is tearful, enthusiastic, and heart-felt, and they take Tanaka with them to Korea. After touring around the country, they visit the mother's side of the family. After a little bit, they return to America and leave Tanaka with them.

He gets to start Kindergarten for the 3rd time, at a Korean school and at age 6 3/4. With the Korean language easier to master (at only 40 characters, as opposed to the Japanese's ~220 Kanas, and over 5,000 Kanji), he advances to a few higher grade levels. (His abilities in Math and other subjects also help.)

The Korean life and family is easier on Tanaka. He enjoys his time of his life there, and eventually returns to America someday.

Years along, he goes on to appear on many TV game shows, invent new toys, and become a young world-renowned luminary, earning at least 2 college degrees by age 15...

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