Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Planned Novels 2 - "Perfecting The Past" (Personal Entry)

Perfecting The Past

There will also be many novels in this series; many more than The Second Childhood. (By the way, there will be a connection to each other, but that will remain under wraps.)

What would happen if someone from the future went back to the dawn of the 20th Century with easily replicated money and did the best they can to improve (and perfect) the past? Prevent world wars, mass bloodshed, and invent many new technologies several decades early?

(Note that time travel isn't possible, at least in the universes that I author. This story, as in the 1st one, also takes place within a Holoroom simulation.)

Plot Summary

Another adventure in the Holoroom has the protagonist become 15-year-old Taka Shinohara in 1900. He starts out with an unimaginable horde of money (and claims that some "extraterrestrial benefectors" left him with a huge fortune) and goes out to start a huge corporate empire and improve history from how it would've gone originally.

For example, he immigrates the Hitlers, the Lenins, the Stalins, the Zedongs, and other dictators, hated people, and their families, to America. He sets them down different paths to make sure they never become what they were in our reality.

Taka pays off the national debt in exchange for abolishing the death penalty and improving many other aspects of the American government. He sets up a prison colony in Liberia for the worst offenders to get shipped off to. Moreover, he severely restricts the construction of new prisons stateside. When prisons approach capacity, the worst offenders in these prisons get shipped off to Liberia in order to alleviate overcrowding. He puts the prisoners to work on public works projects- hospitals, schools, powerplants, roads, highways, water & waste treatment, and anything it takes to thrust Liberia into the 1st World. When more prisoners arrive than can be put to work on Liberia's country-improvement projects, mobile prison camps are set up to work in neighboring countries in Africa and bring them infrastructurally into the 20th Century and the 1st World as well.

A major hobby of Taka's is stress-testing his Shinohara Steamers and other vehicles that his company manufactures. He makes sure his creations are made as durably and perfectly as scientifically possible.

He throws copious amounts of money into R&D'ing new technology in every sector of his conglomerate. As a result, his labs invent many new technologies several decades early. (For example, he pushes to have the Airbag invented by the 1902 model year! Money IS NO OBJECT, after all.) He even invents (or makes standard) what isn't common today. (e.g. His labs develop a flotation feature that comes standard on all of Shinohara's cars. They are all made to float in any body of water and propel themselves through it. Therefore, his cars cannot get totaled in a flood.)

Back to the Holoroom side- one hour also passes outside for every year inside the Holodeck, again thanks to the Time Dilator. The protagonist somehow forgets that he has a life outside the Holodeck, so a co-worker calls him to find out why he hasn't shown up for work. Thanks to the Holoroom being wirelessly connected to the phone lines, it auto-pauses the program and prompts the user to answer. He comes out several years older, and decides to make up a story about needing to go to the hospital, so he'll drag himself to the hospital now. After receiving age-reversal treatment to undo the accelerated aging, he gets a note from the doctor emailed to his co-worker and manager, and heads off to work. He returns home that evening and resumes his holo-adventures.

(There is so much more I can add to this plot summary, but the "Perfecting The Past" series will consist of AT LEAST 50 novels, each ~750 pages long. I don't plan to skip any day of his life. Whatever happens every day until his scheduled death on September 1, 1990, will be mentioned somewhere in these novels. Therefore, the plot summary will take far too long to mention here. Of course the protagonist playing Taka Shinohara survives, because the death at age 105 3/4 is pre-planned.)

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