Monday, June 16, 2008

It's official: American-style drinking parties aren't fun (Personal Entry)

I was hoping to find a Japanese way to have a good time, but it looks like I need to keep looking. The others at the GaiDai import an American definition of a "good time." After trying some drinking nights, I've come to the conclusion that they've never been for me and never will be.

If I find a LAN party (you know what that is, don't you?) or any party that involves video games, I'll be all for it!! I've been an avid video gaming fan since I got my first NES and cartridge on my 6th birthday. I always tend to start and end a video game with a good time, including when playing in multiplayer matches.

At least in video games, I get to learn something. Racing games - I get to learn the top speed (and other performance statistics) for all the race cars. RPGs - I learn about new weapons I haven't known before, how to put things together, and a wide range of things to do. In online quiz contests - You know! On online sketching games, I polish my drawing skills (with a mouse or Wacom tablet.) And in shooters and similar games, I polish my hand-eye coordination. There are many games where I can learn many things from that may be useful in real life. (Some other games of course don't teach anything at all.)

Whereas when drinking, I just destroy brain cells. Whatever I learn there probably won't be anything useful. More than that, it's easier to break than make friends while drunk. Also while drunk, I'm more than likely to start off on the wrong foot with those whom I first meet. That can translate to a lifelong enmity between them.

Board games are すごい (sugoi; amazing) to play as well. Especially in quiz-style games, I will get to learn a lot from them. They also stimulate and excite the night.

Alcohol and parties involving drinking will lead me down a wrong, immoral path anyway. It's best that I stick to the more constructive types of parties. (Yes, video games are constructive in many ways. It depends on each game.)

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