Friday, June 03, 2005

The Summer has just started

Well, school has been out for a few weeks and I'm busy looking for a place to live, and maybe a job. Having a non-job income, Dad has allowed me to stay at the family's home for $10/day, but makes me leave from 9-5 to ensure that I find a place to live.

Throughout the day, I'd go to the Junction City or Manhattan Workforce Centers and looked through ads about jobs or places for rent. However, I am only looking through the Manhattan listings because I desire to live in Manhattan and hopefully within walking distance to College.

You know, maybe I'll stick to my secret non-income job for now and perhaps make more money online. An apartment I'm looking for has to be less than $375/month, and at least in reasonable condition.

The sooner the better. Lets hope it happens this month.

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