Wednesday, July 06, 2005

This place is nice. I think I bought too many fireworks.

Looks like I'm starting to like my apartment already, that I got the keys to on June 29th. It's $325/month, but has several times the living space of a common on-campus dorm room, which is $2,500 per semester, or approximately $600/month. I'd say this is a really excellent deal.

I'll probably try to find a roommate, who must be a Christian, and at least a decent guy. If I were to get a roommate, and we were to split it evenly, the rent for the each of us would only be $162.50 per month! However I'm thinking, maybe we could make the math simpler and have the roommate pay $175, and I pay $150 per month. A good roommate would think this is still a great deal, because in many other places, he'd have to pay considerably more, even if split evenly.

This is also a great deal for a place that gets maintenance when we need it. All we have to do is call the business office of the entity that manages these apartments, and put in a work order. Therefore, if something needs fixing and starts to look run-down, they'll get right to it. Isn't this awesome??

Another advantage is that it's only 1 and 1/2 blocks from Nichols Hall, on the southern end of K-State grounds. Of course, the Division of Continuing Education is closer but it's detached from the main K-State grounds by an avenue. Therefore, I guess I'll count both buildings as the closest to me. Because of the proximity, it looks like I'll not have as much trouble getting to class!

Now, to the fireworks the other day- I must've spent approximately $150 on those!! On one round of shopping, I went to the parking lot by Alco and Food-4-Less and went into a tent. There, some kind of female swimmer's society was raising funds through these fireworks sales, and I saw a lot that I liked, and spent around $40 on them.

On the night of July 4th, sometime before 9 PM, I went to an even bigger tent (if not the same size) on the east parking lot of the Manhattan Town Center Mall and saw that a youth group for a church was having a fundraiser too. Some of the saleswomen were girls, and you could say they were attractive. However, they were high schoolers and I often wish to have been born later. I went ahead and bought plenty, but was pressured by two girls to buy a $40 set of big ones- those that launch way into the air and can be seen all around town. I was hesitating, but they explained that it's for a youth trip at the end of that month, and she's been trying to get them sold for a while by that point. I had (and still have) a good load of funds in my checking account, so I thought this money would also help more people get to know God. I shared my thoughts, and they agreed wholeheartedly. I was coaxed into buying the big set, and the total for all my purchases there amounted to $103.79. Looking back, I kinda regret it but decide that I must not, because it's going to a good cause, and that's a youth trip that'll bring the youth group to Mexico to spread the Word of God and offers of Salvation to the unreached.

Later that night, I went home and met some friends who were living across the street, but were moving out since they were already graduating. They were setting off some fireworks too so I thought I'd get acquainted with them while setting off my new purchases.

One girl who was with them was awed by what I had, made praises about having a lot of money, etc..., and even decided to help me set things off. She said she's "all for pyro" (and/or something like that) and had fun setting off a lot of them with me. We exchanged where she's from, and she said she was from Littleton, CO. I thought, "Oh my gosh!! That's where Columbine's at!" However, to act more maturely, I asked, "Oh cool! Did you go to Chatfield?" (If I were several years younger, I might've asked about Columbine instead.) She said, "No, I went to Littleton High School." I replied, "Oh, I didn't know towns THAT big had high schools of the same name." She replied with a sentence I don't remember, to which I re-replied, "At least you didn't go to that other high school." "Well, thank you. At least I didn't." (I don't think she said that verbatim, but it was something along those lines.) "But you knew some friends who did go there, didn't you?" Her reply, somewhat hesitant, was "Yes, I did... ...but that's... not important." I decided to remain respectful and never mention "Columbine".

We had plenty more fun since I had a lot of fireworks to go through that night, but the fun ones eventually went. Oh well, at least it happened, so she was hopefully grateful for that, and the fact that I let her use some of mine. I got to tour their house and talk with someone who was inside for a little bit, and then went back into my place and concluded a fine old night.

I don't remember how my parents and family celebrated their 4th of July, but I think I'll ask them sometime.

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